Hamlet Act I

What background info. is provided in this scene? It’s cold and midnight.
What atmosphere is created by this scene? How? Negative. Cold-Winter-Death
Why has Horatio been asked to join the soldiers on the midnight watch? What has he decided to do? They have seen a ghost of King Hamlet and want to let him know.
How does the reader know this ghost is not a hallucination? Both characters are talking and responding from eath other’s reactions.
How could this ghost be explained as a warning of coming evil? Omen
Old Hamlet Former King of Denmark
Horatio Hamlet’s closest friend
Fortinbras Norwegian prince. His father died making a bet with King Hamlet.
Why is Hamlet upset? His uncle married his mom.
what is your opinion of the marriage of Gertrude and Claudius? Consider the customs of the time. Suspicious because her husband died not even two months after.
Why didn’t Hamlet become king when his father died? Claudius won the necessary votes.
Describe Claudius’ personality and attitude. Calls Hamlet a wimp.
How does Hamlet describe his father? That we should forget about him.
What are Hamlet’s feelings about his mother and his new father, Claudius? “frailty, thy name is woman!” He is having negative feelings towards women. Saying that they are weak for falling in love so quickly.
Explain Hamlet’s state of mind: He wished that his body would melt, turn to water and become like the dew.
What does the king want Hamlet to do? Why does Hamlet give up his plan to return to Wittenburg so easily? He has no intention of going to Wittenburg in the first place. He wishes to get away from his Uncle.
Describe the personalities, attitudes, and values of Laertes and Polonius. Laertes gives Ophelia advice on Hamlet.
Explain the reasons that Laertes and Polonius give Ophelia to convince to convince her not to trust Hamlet’s love. Hamlet is royalty, and he is only going to get married to someone that has royal blood.
Evaluate Polonius’ advice to his son. Keep your thoughts to yourself.
What is comical about Polonius? He tries to keep track of Laertes and Ophelia.
What is the point of Hamlet’s long speech? 1st Soliloquy. Take on issues head-on, or let nature take its course.
Why do Hamlet’s friends fear for his safety? They don’t want him to listen to it if it’s a demon.
According to the ghost, what has happened? What does the ghost want Hamlet to do? Claudius killed his father. It wants Hamlet to kill his father.
Describe Hamlet’s reaction to the ghost. He is fearful of it.
Discuss the nature of the ghost; is it a devil or an angel, who is in purgatory? The nature of the ghost is an internal, everlasting rotting of the soul.
In your opinion, is Hamlet mad? Yes