Hamlet Act Four

What does Hamlet compare Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to? Why? Sponges because they soak up Claudius’s orders and will be soon wrung dry!
What do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern want? Polonius’s body (which Hamlet has hidden)
Gertrude doesn’t tell Claudius.. That hamlet thinks he murdered king hamlet!
Gertrude believes murdering polonius may mean that: Hamlet has gotten in touch with his feelings
Second person to ask for Polonius’s corpse? What does hamlet refer to him as at? -Claudius-He is at “supper”- he’s being eaten by worms for dinner! He’s basically poo!
Where does hamlet hint the body is? In the stairs leading to the lobby
What does Claudius plan to do with hamlet? Have him shopped off to England with R and G and he is gonna have him killed!
On his way to England, who does Hamlet run into? And what does it represent? -he sees the armies of prince fortinbras of Norway and they are waging war with Poland!-If he can wage war over a little piece of land, he should be able to kill and avenge his fathers death!-He swears to follow fortinbras’s example!
Why do people think ophelia has gone nuts? She has been wandering around the castle singing old songs
Ophelia’s songs speak of: -death and flowers-cursing the faithfulness of men -how to get a girl in bed-promise you’ll marry her then don’t cuz she is no longer a virgin
Who comes back in act four? Laertes and friends to avenge his fathers death! They yell through the palace that laertes should be king!
Why couldn’t ophelia give out violets to the people? They represent faithfulness and died with her fathers death.
Who does hamlet write a letter to? What does it say? He writes it to Horatio and it states he’s been held captive by friendly pirates (they should be passed on to the king and queen)
Who is Claudius trying to egg on? For what reason? What does he do? Claudius is egging on Laertes because he wants him to kill Hamlet and he mentions some guy said he was good at fencing and that made hamlet mad cuz he wanted to challenge him in a duel!
Laertes announces: He’d cut hamlets throat in church if necessary.
Plan for Laertes to kill hamlet? In the duel he is going to use a sharper sword and stab hamlet! Plan b requires the tip of his sword being covered in a death creme that will kill hamlet! Plan c is him poisoning “his” drink then offering it to hamlet.
What is the doctor called? Mountebank
Who informs Laertes that ophelia has died? How did she die? -Gertrude-she stumbled into the brook when she was trying to hang wreaths and for awhile floated and sang because her clothes and then sunk into the brook!
How does Laertes react to the news of Ophelia’s death? He calls himself a woman for crying.