Hamlet Act 5 – Shakescleare Translation

leeway (n.) extra space for moving; allowing for mistakes or inaccuracies; margin of error
flings (v.) throws, tosses
grasp (v.) to take hold of something tightly with the hands; to understand or comprehend fully
profound (adj.) deep; having great depth or seriousness
impulsive (adj.) hasty; acting or done without forethought
explicit (adj.) definite, clearly stated
flourish (v.) to thrive, to grow well
spouts (v.) to angrily spew words; to express one’s views in a lengthy, unreflecting way
relevance (n.) the relation of something to the matter at hand
frivolous (adj.) of little importance, not worthy of serious attention; not meant seriously
blaze (n.) a vivid glowing flame; (v.) to shine or burn powerfully
massacre (n.) the killing of many people; (v.) to deliberately kill a large number of people