Hamlet: Act 5

Ill: Wrong
Employment: Purpose to which something is put
Quick: Those who are living
Mad: Mentally ill
Jester: Professional joker; “fool”; clown
Profane: To treat with irreverence (disrespect)
Decked: To decorate festively
Rough-hew: Rough form
Repair: Frequent or habitual visitation of a place
Why is Laertes upset with the funeral ceremony? What is the priest’s response? Because Ophelia deserves more, but she can’t have certain privileges because the priest believes it was a suicide (priest can’t give her full rights of passage)
Why does Hamlet jump in the grave with Laertes? He wants to make sure that everyone knows that he really did love Ophelia
What did Hamlet say was written in the letters the king sent to England? When Hamlet wrote a new letter to replace the one from the king, what did he command England to do regarding Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Hamlet said that his death instruction was written in the letters the king sent to England; he commanded that R and G be killed
What news does Osric bring Hamlet? What does he say about Laertes? He tells Hamlet that Claudius put a wager on the duel; Laertes is set to win because Laertes is unmatched (“with a rapier and a dagger”)
What type of irony is the news from Osric? Why? Situational irony; because we think we know what is going to happen
Describe what happens in the match. Who is wounded by whom? How often? In the match, 1. H and L duel2. Q drinks from wine cup3. H wounds L twice4. L wounds H5. in the scuffle, H exchanges his rapier for Laertes6. H stabs L with the poison oil7. L reveals the whole plot8. H stabs C
How do Laertes’ feelings toward Hamlet change during the match? He feels guilty for trying to kill H; it’s against his conscience; L confesses and asks H for forgiveness
Explain how each of the following characters die:Hamlet, Laertes, Claudius, and Gertrude: H: Stabbed by poisonous sword and drinks poisonous wineL: Wounded by his own sword C: Stabbed by poisonous sword and drinks from cupQ: Drinks from cup
Why is it important to Laertes and Hamlet that they forgive each other before they die? They both wanted their deaths to be honorable so that they could go to heaven
L: Exchange forgiveness with me, noble Hamlet. Mine and my father’s death come not upon thee, nor thine on me! H. Heaven make thee free of it! I follow thee.
In, “You that look pale and tremble at this chance, that are but mutes and audiences to this act, Had I but time… O I could tell you – but let it be. Horatio, I am dead; Thou livest; report me and my cause aright to the unsatisfied.” What is the request H makes of Horatio? Why? To live on and tell the story; H asks Horatio not to drink the poison so that everyone’s names can be cleared
To whom does Hamlet turn over the throne of Denmark? What does Hamlet’s successor say about Hamlet after he dies? Fortinbras; that he was a soldier and a hero
At scene i, two grave diggers discuss whether Ophelia should be given a Christian burial. One of the grave diggers says that O’s death was a suicide. Do you agree? Explain. Why was O given a Christian burial? I think it was suicide because a normal person would fight for life, but she didn’t
How does H react when the grave digger tosses a skull out of the grave? Does his reaction contradict his behavior earlier in the play? Has he dropped the “antic disposition” in this act? This reaction makes Hamlet looks more sane; it contradicts his behavior earlier in the play; he has dropped his antic disposition (he didn’t know O was being buried at this time)
Comic relief: Interruption of a serious or tragic play by a short humorous scene or dialogue
The dialogue between H and the grave diggers is an example of comic relief. Give 2 examples of humor. Why was this inserted? 1. What is he that builds stronger than either the mason, theshipwright, or the carpenter?OtherThe gallows-maker, for that frame outlives a thousandtenants. (V.i., 38-41)2. GravediggerAnd when you are askedthis question next, say “A grave-maker.” The houses thathe makes last till doomsday.
H claims true love for O. How does this compare to his words and actions toward her earlier? Why would he have treated O the way he did if he truly loved her? Opinion
H tells Horatio, “There’s a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will.” What does H believe shapes his life? Do you agree? Explain. Some kind of god
When H admits he is suspicious of L’s duel, Horatio says, “if your mind dislike anything, obey it…” What does he mean? What’s the quality of friendship? Trust your instincts; they’re real with each other and loyal
H apologizes to L before the match. For what actions does he apologize? On what does H blame his actions? What’s L’s response to H’s apology? Was L honest? H apologizes for hurting his honor, nature and exception; H blames his actions on his grief. L accepts his apology, but wouldn’t call off the duel; L won’t seek revenge, but still wants to fight
Review question 18: 🙂
Scene i summary: 1. Gravedigger doesn’t want to bury O 2. H and Horatio enter 3. H speaks to the gravedigger4. Gravedigger speaks to H about the story of H5. Gravedigger pulls up Yorick’s skull (C’s jester) 6. K, Q,L, and corpse enter7. Q says that she wishes that O could have been H’s wife 8. L leaps in the grave, and H follows9. H and L grapple and Q tries to get H to stop (H and L are separated)10. H says that he loved O and C calls him mad, Q agrees, and C asks Horatio to leave
Scene ii summary: 1. H and Horatio enter, and H hands Horatio the warrant for H’s death 2. H says that he found that death warrant while going to Eng, and he changed it3. H swears to make things right with L4. Oscric enters and speaks of L; O leaves, and lord enters 5. Table is prepared, and H goes to see C and L6. H apologizes to L, and L accepts apology; men prepare to play7. C tries to give H cup of wine, and Q drinks 8. L wounds H, and H wounds L twice9. Q falls, L falls, and Q dies (says drink is poisoned) 10. H hurts C and poisons him; C dies, L dies11. H drinks poison, Oscric enters with news from F12. H dies, F enters, and F is new king