Hamlet Act 5

Where does Act 5 begin? a cemetery at Elsinore
who does act 5 begin with a grave digger and a church official
what are the two debating? whether or not Ophelia is allowed to have a christian burial because she committed suicide
Why is Ophelia getting a christian burial? she’s a member of the aristocracy
Who intervened to make sure she got this burial? claudius
What does the gravedigger say about aristocrats? they can kill themselves and be buried in sanctified grounds
what is the gravedigger’s condition drinking and singing
What does the gravedigger say they are the best at and why? best builders because their houses last until doomsday
Who doesn’t know Ophelia has died? Hamlet and Horatio
what is the purpose of scene 1` comic scene
What does Hamlet find amusing? the gravedigger is digging while singing
What is Hamlet curious about as he digs who the skulls he digs up belongs to and what occupation
What does Hamlet try to find out?Response? who’s grave he’s digging: his own because he’s digging it
How long has the gravedigger been digging graves? 30 years, since Hamlet was born
When was Hamlet born the day that King Hamlet defeated Fortinbras in battle
Does the gravedigger know that he is speaking to Hamlet? no
Playing dumb, what does Hamlet ask the gravedigger? response? why he was sent to England; Because he’s mad and he’ll get better there, and even if he doesn’t he’ll fit right in because everyone in England is as mad as he”
What does Hamlet want to know now? how long a person can be in the ground before rotting
how long can a person be in the ground before rotting? 8-9 years
who can be in the ground 9 years a tanner
Hamlet brings up a skull that’s been in the Earth for how many years 23 years
Who’s skull is it? Yorick, the late King Hamlet’s poor jester
What did Yorick once do to the gravediggers as a joke? poured a flask of wine on their heads
What did Yorick used to do wich Hamlet give him piggy back rides
Why did Hamlet put the skull down it smelled bad
What does Hamlet reflect about? how all the great leaders in the past returned to dust in their graves
which two leaders does he reference alexander the great and julius caesar
who walks by with Ophelia’s corpse? king, queen, and Laertes
What does Hamlet witness that he doesn’t realize what it is Ophelia’s short funeral
Why is Laertes upset? the funeral is so brief with no rites and no service
What does the priest tell Laertes? he’s giving as much as he can: she should have been buried in unsanctified grounds
What should she have thrown on her grave bits of pottery?
What does the queen scatter on her grave? flowers
what does the queen wish he would’ve been Hamlet’s wife and she would be scattering flowers on their marital bed
What does Laertes do and say he wants leaps into the grave to hold Ophelia one more time and says he wants to be buried with her
When Hamlet appears, how does Laertes react? jumps out of the grave and tries to choke Hamlet
What does Hamlet say about his love for Ophelia? 40 thousand brothers couldn’t love her as much as he did
what things would hamlet do for her He would weep for her, fight for her., fast for her, tear himself for her, drink vinegar for her, eat a crocodile for her, and be buried with her
What is Hamlet confused about the circumstances surrounding her death and why Laertes is so upset with him
What does Claudius ask of Horatio take care of Hamlet
What does Claudius tell Laertes restrain himself and calm himself down so they can set up a duel
what did Hamlet sign his replacement orders with and how the seal of the king because he had it with him
Does Hamlet feel bad about what happened to R and G they were meddling in his affairs
Who is Osric? a member of the court who has come to tell Hamlet about the duel and ask if he is ready
What does Hamlet regret? What does he want to do? losing his temper with Laertes; apologize
What does Osric bring? a message from the king
What is the message? the king has wagered 6 valuable horses against 6 weapons (swords) he’s imported from France that Hamlet can beat Laertes in a fencing match
What is Hamlet’s response Hamlet says that he’ll be walking in the hall, and if the king and Laertes stop by and the weapons are brought in, then he’ll do his best
What does lord bring? two more messages
what are these two messages? 1.King wants to know if Hamlet is ready now or does he need more time2.The queen wants to make sure that Hamlet apologizes to Laertes before the duel begins
What does Horatio tell Hamlet? he’ll lose the match
does Hamlet agree with Horatio? no; he’s been practicing since Laertes left for France
What does Hamlet admit?What is Horatio’s response he has misgivings; Horatio says he should tell the king
Who is Hamlet’s life with in the hands of fate
who dies in the end? King, Hamlet, Laertes, Gertrude
Why does Fortinbras think he has rights to be king? Fortinbras felt he has some rights since his father and the late King Hamlet fought over land
Does Hamlet apologize? yes; they shake hands, Hamlet says he was mad
What is Laertes’s response? forgives Hamlet (probably not sincere)
what demands that Laertes fights his honor
What does Claudius order if Hamlet scores the first or second hit? cannon will fire a salute to Hamlet and a toast will be drunk to Hamlet
What will the King put in Hamlet’s cup a pearl laced with poison
Who scores the first hit? Hamlet
What does Claudius toast drink to his health
does Hamlet drink the first time when Claudius wants him to? no
what does Gertrude give Hamlet her napkin to wipe his brow bc he sweaty
How does Laertes end up dying? as they’re fighting they switc swords
How does Hamlet die? Laertes strikes him first with the poisoned sword
What does Claudius give as the reason that the queen has fallen she swoons because she sees blood
who exposes Claudius gertrude , and then Laertes reveals the plan
What does Hamlet make sure after Gertrude confesses the doors are locked
what does Hamlet do after Laertes reveals the king’s plan stabs claudius then forces him to drink from the cup
what does Hamlet call C an incestuous, damned dane
What does Laertes want before he dies? forgiveness: he forgives Hamlet for Laertes death and Polonius’s death if he forgives him for his death
who does Hamlet say bye to before he dies mom and Horatio
what does Hamlet request of Horatio expose everything to the public
what does Horatio try to do drink from the cup
what does Hamlet say as a response If you ever loved me, then you have to stay behind and tell his story
what do the ambassadors from England want Claudius to thank them for killing r and g
what does Hamlet tell Horatio he wishes Fortinbras
What does Fortinbras want to do wit Hamlet four captains to carry his body to the stage
What is the purpose of Hamlet’s body to be on the stage for everyone to view