Hamlet Act 5

comic relief that opens this act Gravedigger scene
Why is Hamlet upset with the gravediggers? they are singing while doing such a sad job. he says the skulls are not being treated with respect. they were people once
When hamlet asks who’s grave the gravediggers are digging, what do they say? it was a woman. (Hamlet does not think at all that it could be Ophelia)
The gravedigger says this skull has been here for 23 years. Who’s skull was it what else is revealed? Yorick, the king’s jester. Hamlet says he knew him. Now we know Hamlet is somewhere between 23-30 years old
What does hamlet say about death in the gravedigger scene whether you’re Alexander the great or the king’s jester, we all end up in the same place-dead
When Hamlet sees the queen, king, and laertes coming with a corpse, what does he do? hide
“her death was doubtful” priest- makes Hamlet suspicious as to who’s body it is
How does Hamlet find out it is Ophelia’s dead body? he hears Laertes says “my sister…”
What does Gertrude say about Ophelia at her burial? I hoped she would be Hamlet’s wife one day
What does Laertes do at Ophelia’s burial? jumps into the grave to hug her. he wants to be buried with her
When Hamlet comes out of hiding what does Laertes do/say? What does Hamlet do/say? Laertes calls Hamlet the devil. they start wrestling. Hamlet says that he loved Ophelia and says is it a competition now over who loved her more? I would have jumped in there too
How does Hamlet make it so Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are being sent to their deaths? when the king sends a letter, he seals it with a ring. Hamlet had some of his father’s so he changed the letter to say to kill them instead of him.
When hamlet changes the letter to kill rosencrantz and guildenstern, what does this show about hamlet? he is revengeful
Osric man who works/helps in the castle. not royal, just a helper. brings comic relief before hamlet is about to die
Describe Hamlet and Horatio’s conversation about the fencing match Hamlet says I don’t feel prepared. Horatio says we can put it off if you’re not prepared. Hamlet says it won’t be different whether we fight today or tomorrow. If I’m ready to die, I’ll die. No one knows their time of death so just let it be
“Thou wouldst not think how ill all’s here about my heart” Hamlet-I don’t feel prepared . I have a bad feeling
Before the fencing match, what does Hamlet say? If I wronged you, it wasn’t ME. It was my MADNESS (but he wasn’t actually crazy so he’s just not owning up to it)
How does Laertes respond to Hamlet’s apology? I accept your apology on one hand, but in honor of my father I have to fight you
What does the king announce right before the fencing begins? If Hamlet wins the 1st or 2nd hit, we’ll all drink to him and Hamlet will get his cup with the pearl
What is the purpose of the pearl in Hamlet’s cup? it shows which cup has the poison
“Gertrude do not drink” Claudius- he should have knocked it out of her hand but he didnt’
Who gets first point in fencing match? Hamlet, but he won’t drink yet
Who gets second point in fencing match? Hamlet (2-0)
Who ends up drinking from the cup with the pearl? Gertrude, toasting her son
“…against my conscience” Laertes- having mixed feelings now about killing hamlet
how does the killing of hamlet/laertes go? laertes scratches hamlet from behind as he’s walking away. hamlet gets mad and they fight, exchange swords, and scratches laertes.
“I am justly killed with my own treachery” Laertes- I got what I deserve
when hamlet sees gertrude fall and asks claudius if she’s ok, what does he say? what does the queen say? claudius- she just fainted at the sight of bloodqueen- i am poisoned! The drink! (then she dies)
Before Laertes dies, what does he make sure to say? he says the king is to blame. then when the king dies he says he deserved that. then he apologizes to hamlet and forgives him
how does claudius die? hamlet hurts him, then forces him to drink
Who does horatio want to kill after all this? himself
Wy does Hamlet not want horatio to kill himself he says you are the only one who saw this whole thing from beginning to end. you have to tell the people the truth before rumors start. if you ever had me in your heart, you’ll stay alive to tell my story
Who let’s them know young fortinbras is coming? Osric
“the rest is silence” Hamlet’s dying words
What are the last things Hamlet mentions before he dies? -the poison is kicking in -I’m still waiting to here about R & G-I’m making young fortinbras king
Why is it a good choice to make young fortinbras king? hamlet admired him for his passion
“Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest” Horatio-saying goodbye to hamlet
“With sorrow, I embrace my fortune” Young fortinbras- sorry it had to happen this way; he would have respected hamlet, not killed him
what does horatio say to young fortinbras? I’m gonna tell you NOW what happened before rumors start
what does fortinbras say to end the play? i had respect for hamlet (this shows they had mutual respect). give him a proper funeral like he deserves. if hamlet was king, he would have been a good one