Hamlet Act 5

Is she to be buried in a christian burial, when she willfully seeks her own salvation? GravediggerOtherThe gravedigger is asking if he should dig Ophelia’s grave so that she can seek salvation in heaven
Or of a courtier, which would say, :Good morrow sweet lord, how dost thou good lord?” This might be my lord such-a-one, that praised my lord’s such-a-one horse, when a’ meant to beg it. might it not HamletHoratioHamlet is exclaiming that the skull that the gravedigger is mistreating could have belonged to a courtier that would talk with someone or praise the horse of someone when he goes to pet it.
Cannot you tell? Every fool can tell that. It was the very day that young hamlet was born. He that is mad and sent to England GravediggerHamletThe gravedigger says he has been digging graves since the day hamlet was born (not knowing he is talking to hamlet) and then tells him he has been sent to England for being crazy, this is also the day that Hamlet’s father overcame fortinbras
Aladm poor yorick, I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy Hamlet HoratioHamlet is saying he knew the person whose skull is in his hand and the skull belonged to the court jester who he greatly enjoyed and was like a family member with
Alexander died, alexander was buried, Alexander returneth to dust, the dust is earth of earth we make loam and why of that loam he was converted,might they not stop a beer barrel? Hamlet Horatio Alexander the great is like all men he dies and turns to dust and he may be used now to stop a beer barrel because his body was converted to something else after in death
Sweets to the sweet, farewell, I hoped thou should’st have been my Hamlet’s wife. Queen GertrudeDead OpheliaSweet flowers to the sweet maiden I wish you could have been my son Hamlet’s wife
And praise be rashness for it let us know, Our indiscretion sometimes serves us well When our deep plots do pall and that should learn us there’s a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will HamletHoratio Hamlet praises impulsive actions because when plans lose their strength it teaches them that there is a certain force that shapes the outcome of their plans no matter how roughly they themselves shape their actions/plans
Does it not, think thee, stand me now upon-He hath killed my king and whored my mother, popped in between th’election and my hopes, thrown out his angle for my proper life And with such cozenage is’t not perfect conscience To quit him with his arm? And sin’t it not to be damned To let this canker of nature to come In further evil HamletHoratiodoesn’t then king Claudius deserve to have revenge thrust upon him for all that he has done? Killing my dad, aking my mother, getting the kingship by rigging the election, coming after me, we should lead him into further eveil
Exceedingly my lord, It is very sultry as ‘twer, I cannot tell how… OsricHamletIt is actually quite warm in your face I don’t know how.
I dare not confess that lest I should compare with him in excellence, but to know a man well were to know himself Hamlet OsricI do not know how he compares to me in excellence, a man only knows himslef
Not a whit, we defy augury, there is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow If it be not ’tis not to come: If it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come-the readiness is all. Since no man has aught of what he leaves, what is it, to eave betimes? Let be. HamletHoratioWhatever happens, happens whether it is early or not
I am satisfied in natue, Whose motive in this case should stir me mot to my revenge but in terms of my honor I stand aloof LaertesHamletI am satisfied in terms of my natural affection for my father and my sister who were motives for my revenge but in terms of offense to my honor, I stand my ground
He is justly served It is a poison tempered by himself, exchange forgiveness with me, noble Hamlet. mine and my father’s death comes not upon the nor thine on me LaertesHamletIt’s karma, justice, etc. because it is his own poison he made himself, please forgive me and I will forgive you hamlet, it is niether of our faults
I am more an antique Roman than a dane HoratioHamletI have nothing to lose, I am not attached to denmark I’m more a roman that a dane I might as well die
Now cracks a noble heart good night sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest HoratioHamlet/himself soliloquyThere goes a noble heart I hope angels bring you to heaven