Hamlet Act 5

What scene serves as comic relief? Gravedigger scene (probably digging Ophelia’s grave)
What bothers Hamlet about the gravedigger? He’s singing as he digs the gravesHam thinks that his job should be sad & somber
What bothers Hamlet about the skulls? They were once humans & now, they aren’t treated with any respect
What does the gravedigger not realize? He’s talking about Hamlet to Hamlet (doesn’t realize that it’s Ham)
Yorick King’s jester (entertainer)
When did Yorick die? 23 years ago
Ham’s age 23 < Ham's age < 30
Ham’s philosophy on death At the end of the day, everyone winds up dead in the same place, no matter how great of a person you are (gave an example of Alexander the Great)
Who does Ham see approaching the gravedigger’s hole? Laertes, King, Queen, & a coffin
What does Ham assume about the person inside the coffin? He/she committed suicideBurial didn’t have a proper ceremony (suicide was looked down upon)
What does Laertes do to Ophelia’s coffin? Opens it up & jumps in to hug her one last time
Why does Laertes want to be buried with Ophelia? He’s lost everyone in his life already, so he might as well be buried alive with her
What does Laertes call Ham when they first see each other? The devil
What did Ham & Laertes argue about at the graveyard? Who loved Ophelia more
What did Ham do to the letter carried by Rose & Guild that had instructions for the King of England to kill him? Changed the letter’s instructions in order for it the King of England to kill Rose & GuildHam sealed the letter with his father’s seal
Osric Courtier (helps around the castle)Comic relief character
How does Ham feel about the fencing match? Not good
What does Horatio tell Ham regarding the match? It can be stalled if Ham doesn’t feel prepared mentally & physically
Does Ham want to postpone the match? No
Why doesn’t Ham postpone the match? He’s going to die sooner or later, so what’s the point of postponing the inevitableNo one knows their exact time of death, so just let it happen
What does Ham ask of Laertes? Asks for forgiveness
What excuse does Ham make regarding the wrongs he has made towards Laertes? Claims that his madness wronged Laertes, not Hamlet himself (problem: Hamlet wasn’t really crazy)
Does Laertes accept Ham’s apology? Man to man, YesIn terms of honor, Laertes must fight Hamlet to defend his father & he can’t just let Ham’s actions go
When Laertes switches foils, what is he looking for? Pointy foil
What does the king say regarding the wine? If Ham gets a point, he will drink to Ham & Ham will win a valuable pearl
What does the pearl indicate? Poison that is intended to go into the wine
When Ham gets his 1st point, what does the King do? Drinks to Ham & then puts the pearl in the wine afterwards & offers it to Ham
Why doesn’t Ham want to drink? He doesn’t want to play impaired
How much is Ham winning by? 2-0
After Ham’s 2nd point, what does Gertrude do? Raises the poisoned cup to Ham
What does Claudius do following Gertrude’s actions of raising the cup? Yells at her to not drink it
What does Gertrude do with the cup of wine? She asks the king for permission to drink & drinks the poisoned wine out of excitement for Ham
How does Laertes feel about the whole plan? Uneasy (he has a conscience)
What does Laertes manage to do to Ham? Scratch him with his foil
What happens during the scuffle between Ham & Laertes? They switch foils (Ham gets pointy one & Laertes gets the regular one) & Ham wounds Laertes
What excuse did the King give when the Queen fell? She fainted from all the blood
What does the Queen say before she dies? The drink poisoned her
What does Laertes say before he dies? Tells Ham that he’s poisoned tooForgives Ham & asks him for forgiveness tooKing planned everythingHe got what he deserved
Does Ham forgive Laertes? Yes, but is still angry with Gertrude
What does Ham want Horatio to do? Tell people the real story of what happened because he’s been there through everything (including Ghost of Banquo)
While watching Ham die, what does Horatio want to do? He wants to die too (picks up wine)
Why doesn’t Ham want Horatio dead? He needs him alive to share the story
Before Ham dies, who does he make king? Young Fortinbras
Who breaks into the castle after Ham’s death? Young Fortinbras & his troops
Why does Ham make Young Fortinbras king? He admired his aggression, power, & attitude; he was everything Ham wasn’t; he would get the job done
Why did the English ambassador travel to Denmark? Wanted to deliver the news that the “king’s” orders have been fulfilled & that Rose & Guild are dead
How did Fort actually want to become king? Through war & conquering of Denmark
Horatio tells Fort the truth before…. People start gossipping
“Her death was doubtful” PriestOphelia’s death was suspicious
“A minist’ring angel shall my sister be” Laertes
“I hoped thou shouldst have been my Hamlet’s wife” Gertrude
“I loved Ophelia” Ham
“But thou wouldst not think how ill all’s here about my heart” HamDoesn’t feel right about the match
“There is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow” HamThere is a special honor in the death of something small
“And yet it is almost against my conscience” LaertesMixed emotions about the plan
“I am justly killed with mine own treachery” LaertesHe got what he deserved
“Thou art slain” LaertesTells Ham that he’s gonna die too
“He is justly served” LaertesKing got what he deserved
“Wretched queen, adieu” HamTalking about his mother
“The potent poison quite o’ercrows my spirit” HamHe feels the poison
“The rest is silence” HamHam’s last words
“So shall you hear of carnal, bloody & unnatural acts, of accidental judgments, casual slaughters” HoratioHe can tell Fortinbras the truth
“For me, with sorrow I embrace my fortune” FortinbrasNot how he wanted to become king; wanted to become king through war & conquering
“Let 4 captains bear Hamlet like a soldier to the stage, for he was likely, had he been put on, to have proved most royal” FortinbrasGives Ham a proper funeral; has mutual respect for Ham; Ham would’ve been a great king