Hamlet Act 5

What are two clowns doing while thy taqlk they are digging up a grave
who is the she of 5.1.1? ophelia
why according to the second clown is she being given a christian burial? the priest had asked and also relates to the story of adam as well
how does hamlet respond to the grave digger before speaking to him he is appalled how arrogant the gravedigger is
what happens in the discussion between hamlet and the gravediffer they mock each other because they test each other’s wits
what does hamlet learn from his confrontation with yorick’s skull he learns that yorick was the king’s gesture
what does he learn from his meditation on alexander and caesar all great leaders will go to the same ground
how does the mood here differ from that it 4.3.19-43 fear to suspicion
how old is hamlet 30 years old
how old was when york died? how old was yorick when hamlet died? hamlet: 7yorick: 53
how happy is laertes with the funeral service not too happy
is laertes’ mourning nomral yes
what do we learn from gertrude’s farewell to ophelia? she wishes that hamlet actually had married ophelia
would polonius have been surprised i he ha this yes he wants it to happen, so hamlet can actually confess his feeling
what happens when hamlet appears to the others laertes starts choking him
what is significant about him calling himself “hamlet the dane” he is claiming to be the rightful king of denmark
why is he so angry he has everything taken over from his possessions
what new attitude toward life do you see in the hamlet of 5.2.1-90 genuinely caring and understanding, he sees life as more of a gift
what would have happened to hamlet in england would have been killed
how did he find out and what did he do about it found out from letter he intercepted which was from king claudius to rosencrantz and guildenstern. hamlet decides to have r and g killed and rewrites the letter
wha has happened to rosencrantz and guildenstern? do they know what hit them have been sentenced to be executed and did know something was coming for them
how does hamlet feel about them couldn’t care less and they weren’t really loyal to him
what sort of person is osric kind of a character, not the greatest, and more foolish
what message does he have for hmalet king claudius has placed a large bet on him
what seems to be the problem with his hat feel hot with hat on
what is the wagerr laertes and hamlet will play a dozen rounds, laertes won’t beat hamlet by more than 3 hits
what is hamlet’s reaction to the idea of the match confident and ready
how well does hamlet expect to do exceptionally well, with a little bit of downward feeling
why does he go ahead with it something is destined for him
how does this reflect the new attitude we saw in hamlet in 5.1 hamlet seemed more scared
hamlet clearly apologizes to laertes. how does laertes respond he can’t forgive quickly and hopes to make peace in a way of avoiding his reputation to be ruined. he’s satisfied in feelings, even though he wats to get back revenge.
how do you take laertes promise empty-promising, probably spur of the moment
can we say he has any honor at all and has he followed his father’s precept not really, because he isn’t being completely true when forgiving hamlet
what is laertes doing testing out the sword
why is hamlet’s question important for a fencer laertes won’t have the chance to win against hamlet
what is the union claudius promises to put in the cup the union of the poison and hamlet’s bloodstream coming together
what problem is created by hamlet’s response he reuses to drink and and delays because he wants to finish a round with laertes
what happens and what is the score now queen lifts up cup of poison, hamlet is 2 and laertes is 0
note who wounds whom and with what sword and what happens to gertrude laertes wounds hamlets and hamlet wounds laertes, by getting each other’s swords from the scuffle. gertrude drinks the poison that was prepared for hamlet, but claudius says it is due to the amount of blood gertrude witnesses from laertes and hamlet getting injured
.does hamlet get his revenge yes hamlet does
does lattes get his revenge yes
why is hamlet so concerned that horizon stay alive to tell his story so they know what really in order for it not to be twisted
how much do the other people at court know they don’t know as much
do you believe horatio in his assumption that hamlet is saved and not damned? why or why not hamlet is to be saved, due to the death of his father only making him become like this. he had to seek revenge in order to remove his madness
does the hamlet fortinbras sound like the hamlet we know yes because he realizes actions have consequences.
what will happen to the kingdom under fortinbras it will now be under his rule and he will be king of denmark
does fortinbras get his revenge yes because everyone who could has died making no one to stop him.