Hamlet Act 5

Where does Scene 1 start? With which characters? A cemetery at Elsinore with a grave digger and a church official
What are the two characters discussing? Whether or not Ophelia is allowed to have a Christian burial because she committed suicide
What did Ophelia end up getting? Why? She ended up getting a Christian burial because Claudius intervened
What is the viewpoint of the gravedigger? She wouldn’t have been buried in holy ground if she wasn’t an aristocrat.
What is the gravedigger doing? Singing, drinking, and digging graves?
Who comes in? What effect is this scene supposed to have on the readers? Hamlet and Horatio, it’s supposed to provide comical relief(?)
What does the gravedigger do while he is digging the graves? He’s pulling up skulls from previous burials
What does Hamlet wonder about the skulls? Who they could’ve been
What does the gravedigger send the other man to do? Get more drinks
What does Hamlet try to find out? Whose grave they are digging
How does the gravedigger respond? It’s his grave because he’s the one that’s digging it
What does Hamlet ask of the gravedigger? How long he’s been a gravedigger
What is the gravedigger’s answer? (2 answers) He’s been a gravedigger for as long as prince Hamlet has been alive (30 years) It was also the same day that the late King Hamlet defeated Fortinbras in battle
How long can a person be in the ground before rotting? What is the exception? 8-9 years; the exception is the tanner, because their skin will allow them to live 9
Whose skull does the gravedigger bring up? How long has it been in the Earth? Yoricks, the king’s jester.It’s been in the Earth for 23 years
What does the gravedigger remember about Yorick? That Yorick once poured a flask of wine on the gravedigger’s head as a joke.
How does Hamlet react to this being Yorick’s skull? What was their relationship? He’s surprised because they knew each other really well. He was there when Hamlet was a little boy and he gave Hamlet piggy back rides
Why did Hamlet put the skull down? It smelled really bad
What does Hamlet reflect about the past leaders? That they’ve all returned to dust in their gravesi.e. Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great
Whose funeral does Hamlet view? Does he know that they are dead? Ophelia’s; no he doesn’t
Why is Laertes upset? His sister got such a short funeral and no rites and services
How does the Priest respond to Laertes’s upsetiiness? It’s as much of a ceremony that he can giver her – her death was a suicide and doubtful, she could’ve been buried in unsanctified groundsShe could’ve had bits of pottery thrown on her instead of flowers
What does the Queen do? What does she say? Scatters flowers on OpheliaShe says she had hoped that Ophelia would’ve been Hamlet’s wifeShe hoped to be scattering flowers on their marital bed not her grave
What does Laertes do? Why? He jumps into the grave and hugs his sister because he wants to hold her one more time
Who appears and how does Laertes react? What happens afterward? Hamlet appears and Laertes gets triggered and jumps out of the grave.They fight afterwards and Laertes almost chokes Hamlet
What does Hamlet say about his love for Ophelia? What would he do for her? He loved Ophelia and how 40 thousand brothers couldn’t love her as much as he didHe would weep for her, fight for her, fast for her, tear for her, drink vinegar for her, eat a crocodile for her, and be buried with her
What does the Queen call Hamlet’s reaction? Madness
What is Hamlet confused about? The circumstances surrounding Ophelia’s death
What does Hamlet tell Laetes? He loved him and didn’t know why Laertes was so upset with him
Who does Claudius tell to take care of Hamlet? Horatio
What does the king ask of Laertes? To restrain himself and calm himself down so that they can set up a duel so Laertes can get his revenge
What was the story behind the trip to England? Hamlet couldn’t sleep so he went into R and G’s room. He found the orders that Claudius sent and opened it. He then wrote a similar letter saying how England was supposed to kill R and G when they got thereHe sealed it with the seal of the king because he had it with him
Does Hamlet feel any regret for killing R and G? No, they were meddling in his affairs
Who is Osric? Why does he enter? A member of the court that enters to tell Hamlet about the duel and ask if Hamlet is ready to fence with Laertes
What does Hamlet express regret for before Osric comes in? Losing his temper with Laertes and agrees to apologize to him
What is Osric’s message to Hamlet? The king has wagered 6 valuable horses against 6 weapons that have been imported from France
How does Hamlet treat Osric? He teases him like he used to tease Polonius
What does Hamlet think about the duel? He thinks that he will try his best if the weapons are brought in
Who comes in after? Lord
What messages does Lord have for Hamlet? 1. The king wants to know if Hamlet is ready now or if he needs more time2. The queen wants to make sure that Hamlet apologizes to Laertes before the duel begins
What does Hamlet say in response? He’s ready now and that the queen is right- he does want to apologize
What does Horatio tell Hamlet when he learns of the duel? How does Hamlet respond? He’s not sure that Hamlet will win the match.Hamlet says he doesn’t think he’ll lose because he’s been practicing ever since Laertes left for France
What does Hamlet admit to Horatio? How does Horatio respond to this? What does Hamlet say? He’s having misgivings about the match,Horatio says that he should call off the match until his misgivings are goneHamlet refuses and says that his life is in the hands of fate so he’ll fence with Laertes.
Does Hamlet apologize to Laertes? What does he say? He is sorry that he attacked Laertes, and Laertes says that he forgives him
What does Claudius say he will do if Hamlet scores the first and second hit? He will fire a cannon in salute and a toast will be drunk in his name
What does the king put in Hamlet’s cup? How is this significant? He puts a pearl in Hamlet’s cup – the richest of all Danish jewels – but it’s laced with poison which means that the drink is poisoned now
Who scores the first hit? How does Claudius react? Hamlet scores the first hit; Claudius encourages Hamlet to drink from the cup – Hamlet wants to do again before drinking
Who decides to drink a toast to Hamlet? From which cup? How does Claudius react? Gertrude; from the poisoned cup.Claudius tells Gertrude and warns her not to drink from it
How does Laertes’s attitude change throughout the fight? He feels like it’s against his conscious to hurt Hamlet
Does Hamlet get hurt from Laertes? Yes
How does Laertes die? Hamlet stabs Laertes with his own sword
What happens after Laertes has been stabbed? The queen falls down
What does Hamlet ask? How does Claudius respond? What does Gertrude say in response? What is wrong with the queenClaudius says that she can’t handle the sight of bloodQueen is like ha u lyin bro i was poisoned
What does Hamlet make sure of right after the queen tells him about the king? The doors are locked so the King can’t get out
What does Laertes confess? How does Hamlet react? The plan and that the king is to blame for everythingHamlet stabs the king with the poisoned sword
What does Hamlet call Claudius as he dies? An incestuous, damned, Danr
How does Hamlet make sure that the king is dead? He makes him drink from the poisoned cup also
Does Hamlet get his revenge? Yes; double poison = death of Claudius and revenge for Hamlet
What does Laertes want before he dies? How does Hamlet respond? He wants forgiveness and offers to forgive Hamlet for Laertes and Polonius’s death if Hamlet forgives him for his death.
What does Hamlet want Horatio to do? Expose everything to the public – to tell his story
What does Horatio attempt to do? Why? He see’s liquor left so he tries to drink it and kill himself because he can’t live without Hamlet
How does Hamlet react to this? He says no; and that Horatio was to tell the public what has happened
What causes the noise outside? Fortinbras has returned form Poland and England has sent ambassadors to make sure Claudius thanks them
Who does Hamlet want to be king? Fortinbras
Who comes in and what do they ask for? Fortinbras- he’s shookethThe ambassadors – tell Horatio that the orders are done and they need thanks
How does Horatio respond? “hah not from my mouth”
What does Fortinbras want to carry Hamlet’s body to the stage? 4 men
Where is Hamlet’s body left? What would he have been if he was king? on stage for everyone to see; if he was king, he would’ve been the most royal
Who dies at the end of the play? Claudius, Gertrude, Laertes, Hamlet
Why does Fortinbras think he has rights to be king? His father and the late King Hamlet fought over land