Hamlet Act 4 Test

in her meeting with cluadius, gertrude informs him of Polonius’s death but otherwise tries to protect Hamlet
Hamlet’s reference to Rosencrantz as a sponge is an insult
When the king asks Hamlet where Polonius’s body is hidden Hamlet says “In heaven, send thither to me…” main point of this remark… Polonius may be in either heaven or hell
Hamlet’s soliloquy (“how all occasion do inform against me”) is prompted by his reflections on having killed Polonius
this soliloquy resembles Hamlet’s “o what a rogue and peasant slave am I” in motivation and content
“Rightly to be great/ is not to stir without great argument/ but greatly to find quarrel in a straw/ when honor’s at stake” expresses Hamlet’s belief that true greatness consists of defending honor, not in taking action without cause or motive
Claudius says he does not fear harm from Laertes b/c “there’s divinity doth hedge a king/ that treason can but peep to what it would” which means that it’s ironic in thathe had killed a king
Laertes is _______ in act 4 “passion’s slave”
Laertes’s comment that “i’ll not be juggled with” is a naive and inaccurate self-appraisal, as subsequent events with claudius prove
Rue a flower signifying sorrow; Oph gives rue to gertude saying you must waer your rue with a difference” appropriate b/c gert can remedy her sorrow but Oph can’t remedy hers
Hamlet escapes from the ship bearing him to england by… boarding a pirate ship during a battle at sea
Claudius tells Laertes he didn’t punish Hamlet for killing Polonius b/c he didn’t want to cause gertrude grief b/c common people love Hamlet
Claudius proposes a fencing match, which is dishonorable b/c Laertes’s sword is sharp but Hamlet’s will be blunted
Laertes suggests the sword be… dipped in poison
Gertrude tells claud that ham is completely mad
Hamlet doesn’t agree to go to his mother as soon as Rosencrantz and Guild ask him
Fortinbras’s army is on its way to Poland
The land that Fort’s army goes to fight for is… of crucial economic importance to both sides
Hamlet is spurred to fulfill the ghost’s command after.. he speaks with fortinbras’s captain
Gert doesn’t wan to speak with ______ when she requests a meeting Oph
Ophelia’s madness is not feigned
CLaudius admits to gert that it was a mistake to bury polonius quickly and secretly
mob wishes to make Laertes King
Laertes blames the king for the quick burial of his father
Hamlet writes to Horatio from… England
Laertes agrees to… a fencing match with Hamlet
Queen never learns of CLaudius’s plot to kill Hamlet
news of Oph’s death is told to Laertes b4 the fencing match