Hamlet Act 4 Scenes 1 -7

Scene 11. How does the queen protect Hamlet? She doesn’t. She goes straight to Claudius and tells him about the encounter and that he killed Polonius
Scene 12. What does Claudius ask Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to do? 1. Find people to help you.2. Find Hamlet3. Speak to him cautiously about where the body of Polonius is4. Find it and hide the corpse in the chapel.*locate Polonius’s body
Scene 2 1. What does Hamlet mean when he calls Rosencrantz “sponge”. He is soaking up the King’s approval. He soaks up the rewards and everything of the king
Scene 31. Why does Claudius say he must hide the haste with which Hamlet is being sent away? Everyone loves Hamlet and they would see the severity of the punishment not the crime
Scene 32. In lines 35-39, what does Hamlet tell Claudius he has done with Polonius? Send a messenger to heaven to check and if he can’t find him, go search hell himself
Scene 3 3. What does Claudius arrange to happen to Hamlet when he arrives in England? Put to death
Scene 41. Who does Hamlet meet in this scene? Fortinbras
Scene 42. What purpose unites Fortinbras’s troops A patch of land in Poland
Scene 43. What effect does this meeting have on Hamlet? He become disgusted with himself because he has not acted on his own revenge yet
Scene 51. What happened to Ophelia? She loses her mind in grief of her father
Scene 52. Why does the queen agree to see her? She is in mourning of her father
Scene 5 3. What are the problems that the king enumerates in lines 76-96? Madness once again is central in this scene; -Claudius informs Gertrude that Laertes has secretly returned from France after hearing of his father’s death. -A messenger enters to warn king and queen that Laertes, is leading a riotous group of people, who want him to become “Lord” – The -Laertes storms Elsinore.-Laertes enters; – He confronts Claudius and Gertrude, demanding answers and his father’s body.
Scene 54. Why does Laertes break into Claudius’s chamber? To seek revenge for his father’s death
Scene 55. What does Claudius tell Laertes to do? Listen to what happened. Claudius seizes Laertes’s moment of weakness and, with comforting words and gestures, convinces Laertes to come with him so that he may explain the circumstances of Polonius’s death. Claudius promises Laertes that he will give his crown
Scene 61. What happens to Hamlet during his passage to England? explained in his letter to Horatio He changed the letter Claudius sent with them and ordered Ros and Guild to be killed.The ship was interrupted by pirates and they brought him back to Denmark.
Scene 62. What does he ask Horatio to do? after you’ve read this, send these men to see the king. I sneaked onto a nearby pirate ship that was headed back to Denmark from the one traveling to England. Give these letters to the king and come running to me as if you were running away from death because I have many important things to tell you.
Scene 71. In lines 6-9, what does Laertes ask Claudius ? Why he didn’t take immediate action against Hamlet’s criminal acts
Scene 72. What is the king’s response? 1. His mother loves him greatly and she would be extremely upset.2. Hamlet is well liked by the people of Denmark.
Scene 73. What scheme is planned by Claudius and Laertes? 1. Brag to Hamlet about how good of a sword fighter Laertes is2. Have them arrange a fight and people to place bets3. Have Laertes pick the very sharp sword that has been dipped in poison4. Laertes stabs Hamlet
Scene 74. What is their backup plan? Claudius will put poison in Hamlet’s drink when he gets tired
Scene 75. What news does the queen bring? Ophelia was picking flowers around a body of water and fell in and drown