Hamlet act 4 questions

How does Hamlet treat Polonius’ body? He safely hidden the body and has gotten it dirty
How does the queen explain Hamlet’s acts to the king? Do you think she is trying to protect him, or does she think he is really mad? She says that he has gone mad and that they should find the body. She is trying to protect him
How is Hamlet “satirical” about Polonius’ death? he drags and hides it under stairs
To what does Hamlet compare Rosencrantz? a sponge
What is Claudius’ excuse for sending Hamlet to England? he says he cares for him just as much as he greifs for polonius and sends him to protect him
what does claudius ask the king of England to do to kill hamlet immediatly
what does fortinbras ask of the king of denmark he asked for permission to moce his troops across denmark
what is hamlets greatest weakness, how does he compare himself to fortinbras? indecisiveness
what is divine ambition the king has divine right
why does gertrude not want to see ophelia that her words dont mean anything and she has a sick soul
what excuse does claudius offer for ophelias insanity the grief from her father dying has posined her mind
Descibe all the things which have happened to ophelia. Do you think they are sufficient cause for madness? her dad died, her son was taken away, laretes left
What role is laetes beginning to pay? what is the difference betweem his reaction to his fathers death and hamlets reaction to his father death? He is mad and thinks his father was betrayed and wants to get revenge
what concerns does claudius have now ophrlias insanitypolonius deathhamlets exilelaertes returnfortinbras- the crown
what is a switzer hired swiss guards
what had happened to hamlet on his voyage to england he was in a battle with a private ship and hamlet was a prisoner on the ship
what 2 reasons does claudius give for laertes not punishing hamlet for killing polonius The queen is devoted to him and claudius cant live without her and because the public loves him
how does the king plot with laertes for hamlets demise. Claudius will trick him into an undertaking that when he dies people will think that it is an accident