Hamlet act 4

Scene 1 recap -Gertrude informs Claudius that Hamlet has killed Polonius-Claudius states that Hamlet’s freedom is a danger (mostly because he knows Hamlet wants to avenge old king hamlet)-Claudius demands that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern ask Hamlet where the body is and collect it
Scene 2 recap -Rosencrantz and Guildenstern seek Hamlet to ask where Polonius’ body is located-Hamlet compares them to a sponge, because they do everything that the king asks of them but the king “squeezes them dry”-Hamlet states “The body’s with the king, but the king’s not with the body. The king’s a thing …”
Scene 3 recap -Claudius states to his attendants that Hamlet is loved by the public, and they must make it seem like they are sending him away because they truly care for him-Hamlet tells Claudius that the body is at supper, but is being eaten instead of doing the eating-Hamlet confuses Claudius at first about the location, then states the body is near the stairs-Claudius tells Hamlet that he is being sent to England; Hamlet does not seem to care-Claudius reveals that he is planning to kill Hamlet
Scene 4 recap -The captain reveals that Fortinbras and his army plan to invade a small patch of land of no worth-Hamlet’s soliloquy takes place, which is when he reflects on Fortinbras’ army and their plan to invade a piece of land of no worth, while he himself has not taken action-He decides to take action….. or does he?
Scene 5 recap -Gertrude realizes Ophelia has gone mad after her conversation with Horatio-Ophelia’s downfall/madness/pain can be illustrated through the songs that she sings-Claudius demands that Ophelia be watched; conveys his thoughts to Gertrude about Ophelia’s madness and how he should have handled Polonius’ death in a better manner-Claudius finds out that Laertes is leading a rebellion because he believes Claudius killed Polonius-Claudius defends himself by stating he did not kill Polonius, but he will tell Laertes who did if he calms-Laertes also discovers that Ophelia has gone mad
Scene 6 recap -Horatio receives a letter from Hamlet that declares he was pursued by pirates