Hamlet Act 4

Gertrude Explains that she heard that Hamlet killed Polonius by accident
Claudius Realized that he could’ve just as easily been killed
Claudius Wonders where Hamlet went
Gertrude Said Hamlet took the body away
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Get ordered to find Hamlet and Polonius’ dead body
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Ask Hamlet where Polonius went
Hamlet Avoids answering these questions by changing the subject. Accuses them of flattery to the king and putting them on the search
Claudius Only focused on finding the body of Polonius and asks Hamlet what he did with it. Thinks about what to do with Hamlet. He has letters about Denmark, the war, and to kill hamlet
Hamlet Said that he did it so the attendants come and find it who were sent by the king. He is sent to England
Fortinbras Sends one of his captains to talk to Claudius to go through Denmark to get to Poland.
Captain Continues alone, he meets with Hamlet. They own Poland.
Hamlet The last one on the ship and explains how ironic the situation is. He heads to England
Gertrude Informed that Ophelia has gone crazy. She wants to talk to her because she misses her dad.
Claudius Comes in to see what’s wrong. Says everyone has gone crazy. Wants Gertrude to talk to Laertes and question him. Informs Laertes that Polonius is dead.
Laertes Comes with a group of people who want him to be king and he wants Polonius. Commanded to investigate Ophelia’s oddness.
Ophelia Comes with flowers and has a meaning for every one. She sings about her dead father and leaves.
Messenger He has news for Horatio
Horatio Gets a letter from Hamlet and reads it. It says that he’s on his way to England and the pirates attacked Hamlet’s ship. Wants to finish giving out the letters, especially to the king before he sees Hamlet.
Hamlet Got on the pirate’s ship. They promised to take Hamlet to Denmark, because he has done so much for them. He also has some news about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, but doesn’t tell them yet. He relies on Horatio to go with the sailors to find Hamlet.
Claudius Having a conversation with Laertes where he explained everything about Polonius. Sends a letter to Laertes. Plan to kill Hamlet, he will have the poison for Hamlet to drink. Goes and calms Laertes down after he finds out that Ophelia dies.
Laertes Didn’t question him because his mom loves him and Denmark supports him. He thinks the letter is for Hamlet to explain that he came back from court. Plan to kill Hamlet, he will have an advantage with the sharper sword and dip it in poison so it’s easy to kill Hamlet. Gets mad after Ophelia drowns.
Gertrude Informs them that Ophelia died by drowning while playing with branches, she was also singing.
Political power Claudius-scared he’ll lose his crown because he could be blamed for Polonius’ deathLaertes comes with a mob of people
England Hamlet=threat so Claudius sends him to EnglandClaudius asks England to kill HamletPirates attack ship on the way to EnglandHamlet sends a letter saying he’s coming home
Madness Ophelia(crazy) because Hamlet dumped her and he killed her fatherSongs: dad’s death and haw hamlet seduced herOphelia’s death (suicide?)Laertes sees Ophelia crazy so he wants to kill Hamlet even more
Foil-ability to act Laertes-shows up with mob because of his dad’s deathFortinbras-to invade Poland