Hamlet Act 3,4 & 5

what do rosencrantz and guildenstern report about hamlet to the king and queen? he is distract, but will not tell
why does polonius tell ophelia to pretend to be reading a book of devotions? so hamlet does not think she is waiting for him. and he thinks hamlets madness is because of ophelias rejection. (to look natural)
what bitter advice does hamlet give ophelia?why? to go to the nunnery, get away from men, he is bitter to love and marriage
after secretely observing hamlet and ophelia, does the king agree with polonius that hamley suffers from love madness? no ,thinks he is a threat
why does claudius decide to send hamlet to england? afraid of him
what final plan does polonius devise in order to reveal the source of hamlets strange behavior? watch him closely, have gertrude talk to him
what instructions does hamlet give horatio prior to the staging of the play? to watch claudius for any guilt. he stands up yells and storms out
what do the players pantomine?how is this different from the play that follows? one is to sleep and the another to pour the poison into his ear. and if the king is guilty he should be surprised
what is the play within a plays title? how does the king react to the play? the murder of gonzago to mousetrap. he stands up, yells and storms out.
what message do rosencrantz and guildenstern deliver to hamlet from the queen? what is his response? that his mother would like to talk to him
what do rosencrantz and guildenstern think is the explanation for hamlets odd behavior? lack of personal ambition
what orders does the king give to rosencrantz and guildenstern? why do they agree to carry out these orders? wants to accompany hamlet to england. doing it for the safety of denmark and their duty to serve the king
why does claudius identify himself with cain? does claudius have a conscience? it is a referene to the bible cain killed his brother. yes, he tries to ask for forgiveness.
why does polonius hide behind the queens curtain?does she know that he is there? to ease drop, yes
when hamlet enters gertrudes chamber, she starts to scold her son. Why does she soon cry out for help? she is frightened by him
why does hamlet kill polonius? how does hamlet react when he sees polonius’s body? he thought it was claudius. surprised it was not the king but is mad because polonius was ease dropping and intruding
whose portraits does hamlet show gertrude? why? a portrait of his father and his fathers brother to show hamlet is better than claudius
how does claudius find out that hamlet has killed polonius? gertrude tells claudius
what is the kings main concern when he finds out that polonius has been killed? why does he decide to turn to his “wisest friend”? about what the danes will say because hamlet is very well liked
who is instructed to bring polonius’s body to the chapel? rosencrantz and guildenstern
hamlet agrees to go with rosencrantz and guildenstern, to see whom? the king
why does claudius tell his courtiers that hamlet , mad as he is, must not be confined? he is very popular and loved by the people of denmark
how does hamlet act when the king asks him about the location of polonius’s body? tells them that he is being eaten by worms
what does claudius want the english ruler to do with hamlet? do rosencrantz and guildenstern know that? kill hamlet when he arrives to england, no.
for what purpose does fortinbras send his captain to greet claudius? to tell them they are passing through his land to reach poland
what does hamlet learn about the norwegian soldiers when he questions the captain? they are going to fight over small worthless land
what contrast does hamlet note between fortinbras and himself? fortinbras is very decisive, hamlet is not. fortinbras is going after a piece of land that means nothing but he cant kill laudius
why does gertrude state that she wont see ophelia? why does she soon change her mind? she feels bad and is acting crazy. horatio says it would be a good idea to talk to her
what is claudius’s theory about why ophelia is acting so oddly? is he right? she is obsessed with her fathers death. yes
why does laertes return from france? wants answers about his fathers death and revenge on who killed him
why does claudius figure he has to placate laertes? what do laertes’ followers want for laertes? laertes has followers. they want him go become king
how does claudius calm down laertes? what does he promise? tells him he will tell him everything that happened and promises to get revenge on who killed his father
what heppens to the ship hamlet is on? pirates attack the ship and hamlet becomes a prisoner
how does hamlet get back to denmark? the pirates take him back after hamlet bribes them
how does horatio find hamlet? hamlet writes him a letter
what 2 reasons does claudius give laertes for failing to apprehend hamlet and punish him for polonius’s death? he loves gertrudeand the people love hamlet
how does claudius learn that hamlet is back in denmark? hamlet writes him a letter
what is the kings original plan for killing hamlet? use a sword dipped in poison while fencing with laertes
what is the backup plan for killing hamlet? how do they intend to “triply” make sure? use a sharp sword, use a sword dipped in poison, put poison in the wine
how does ophelia die? she drowns while decorating with flowers
whose grave are the men digging? ophelias
where does the first grave digger go? to get liquor
how long has the 2nd gravedigger been in business? ever since hamlet was born
whose skull does hamlet hold up?what does hamlet tell horatio about that person? yorick, hamlet tells him that as a child he knew yorick and is appalled at the sight of the skull(king hamlets jester)
why does laertes complain to the priest? he does not feel enough is being done for ophelias funeral
what happens when hamlet steps out from the place where he and horatio have been watching the funeral? laertes jumps out of the grave and attacks hamlet
how had hamlet discovered claudius’s orders to have hamlet beheaded ? he found the letter/packet
how did hamlet see to it that rosencrantz and guildenstern would be put to death instead of himself?did he feel guilty about it? he rewrote the letter that says to kill rosencrantz and guildenstern and then uses the kings signet
what message does osric bring to hamlet from the king? hamlet was challenged to a friendly duel with laertes
on whom is the king wagering in the duel? why? hamlet, he thinks he is a good swords man and he has been practicing
why does the king place a pearl in the cup? to put the poison in the cup
how does gertrude die? accidentally drinks the poisoned wine
only laerte’s foil was sharp and dipped in poison so how does laertes get mortally wounded? what does he say before he dies? swap swords. he says it was the kings (claudius) idea
how does claudius die? hamlet stabs him with the poisoned sword and forces him to drink the poison
how does hamlet know he is dying? what are his dying wishes? laertes tells him. he doesnt want laertes to get guilt, wants horatio to tell exactly what happens
who will be the next king of denmark? fortinbras