hamlet act 3 study guide

What news do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern report that pleases Claudius? They told him that Hamlet wanted to see the play with him
What reason does Ophelia give for returning Hamlet’s presents? Gifts have no meaning if the person giving them is no longer niceAlso that they broke up
“We are oft to blame in this/Tis too much proved, that with devotion’s visage/ and pious actions we do sugar o’er/ the devil himself.” Polonius to OpheliaSaying that by acting holy/pious you can cover up bad deeds, even the devil
Why is Claudius burdened by Polonius’s statement? He knows that he killed his brother, and is guilty, and he is trying to cover it upIt shows his guilty conscience
In Hamlet’s soliloquy, he seemed to embrace the idea of suicide. What changed his mind? He does not know what will come after lifeHe has a fear of the unknown/fear of the afterlife
In his encounter with Ophelia, how does Hamlet demonstrate his belief that women are weak? -Dishonest by painting their faces with makeup-She should go to a nunnery-Women make men into monsters-She also lied to him (when he asks where Polonius is)
At what point does Hamlet become aware that their conversation is being overheard and what is his reaction? He asks where her father is and she says at home
What remark does Hamlet make that could be taken as a warning to Claudius? He says that he is revengeful, proud, ambitiousAlso when he is talking about marriage and says that all but one should survive
How do Claudius and Polonius differ in their interpretation of Hamlet’s treatment of Ophelia? Claudius says he is not in love, not truly mad and that he is dangerous to himPolonius still thinks he is love sick
What does Claudius wish to do with Hamlet since he is confused? Why? Send him to England to “get money” and clear his headHe will probably have him killed there
What does Polonius say Hamlet should do after the play? He says that Hamlet should go speak with his mother and Polonius will spy on him again
What is Horatio’s assignment during the play? He is supposed to watch the king and see how he reacts to the play
What did the actors perform before the actual play? A dumb show (prologue) where they show what happens during the play
What is the name of what they perform? The Mouse Trap
How does Hamlet treat Ophelia as they sit together at the play? He is flirting with her and being weird/strange. He is harassing her and making her uncomfortable
“The lady doth protest too much, me thinks” Gertrude to HamletThe lady in the play was protesting too much on leaving the king. she sees what she was doing and is embarrassed
How does King Claudius react to the plot of the play? He is shockedImmediately after the death, he stops the play and leaves
What point is Hamlet trying to make by forcing Guildenstern to play a recorder? Since he cannot play something as simple as a recorder, he definitely can’t expect to play Hamlet
What is Hamlet’s mood at the end of the scene? Angry because he does not want to actually hurt his momHe knows he needs to be forceful but not actually agree with his actions
Where is Hamlet being sent? England
How do you know Rosencrantz and Guildenstern support the King’s decision to send Hamlet away? They say how the would rather keep the king safe; therefore keeping all the people he oversees safe too
What does Polonius intend to do while Hamlet is meeting with his mother? He wants to spy on them and see what Hamlet says/does
Why does Claudius have such difficulty trying to pray? He knows that he needs to come clean but cannot do it because he loves his earthly goods too much (ambition, position, queen)
Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius when he has the opportunity? He thinks that since Claudius is confessing/praying that he will go right to heaven –> when Claudius killed the other Hamlet, he didn’t have the chance to confess his sins
Why is this scene an example of irony? Hamlet finally had the chance to kill Claudius but didn’t because he thought Claudius was praying.It’s ironic because Claudius was not actually praying/his sins were not forgiven
What causes Gertrude to cry for help when speaking to Hamlet? Hamlet is frightening her because he threw her in the bed and she thinks he may kill her
What happens after this? A voice from behind the curtain calls for helpHamlet, thinking it is Claudius, strikes through the curtain with his sword, killing Polonius instead
In holding up a metaphorical mirror to his mother, what faults does Hamlet force her to see? That she moved on too quickly and made many mistakes –> like her incest marriage
Why does the ghost make a reappearance? Hamlet is straying from the original plan. He is there to remind him of what he needs to do
Why does Gertrude believe Hamlet to be mad? She does not see the ghost that he is talking about
What two requests does Hamlet make of his mother? 1. Do not tell Claudius that he is sane2. Don’t take Claudius’ side/sleep in bed with him
What indication is there that Hamlet intends to act aggressively from now on He says “I must be cruel only to be kind”
“Madness in good ones must not unwatched go” Claudius to PoloniusHamlet’s “madness” is suspicous and needs to be watched/dealt with
“Oh good Horatio, I’ll take the ghost word for a thousand pounds. Didst perceive?” Hamlet to HoratioHe’ll bet that the ghost is telling the truth; he trust that it’s right
“Oh heart, lose not thy nature, let not ever the soul of Nero enter this firm bosom. Let me be cruel, not unnatural. I will speak daggers to her, but use none” Hamlet to himselfHe does not want to actually turn into an awful person to his motherHis actions aren’t who he is
“Oh, shame! Where is thy blush?” Hamlet to GertrudeHe is saying that his mom and uncle are not shameful for their relationship, and they don’t feel guilty
“Oh Hamlet, speak no more. Thou turnst mine eyes into my very soul, and there I see such black and brained spots as will not leave their tinct” Gertrude to HamletShe sees the errors of her ways; She sees into her actions now and realizes her mistakes
“I must be cruel only to be kind” Hamlet to himselfHe needs to still be rude to his mom in order to do what he needs to do