Hamlet Act 3: study guide

what do Claudius and Gertrude ask Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about Hamlet? They ask them what is making Hamlet crazy?
what is the tone of the conversation? serious and ends on a positive note
are they loyal to Hamlet or the king and queen. king and queen
how does Claudius react to news to play? happy
how are Claudius and Polonius going to find out what Hamlet is up to? they are going to use Ophelia to break up with Hamlet while hey hide and listen
what do you think Hamlet meant when he said, “conscience does make cowards of us all?” He means that your conscience is your moral compass
with regard to Hamlet’s soliloquy “to be or not to be,” state the theme and summarize the content. to live or not to live; he list reasons why life is difficult
where does Hanlet tell Ophelia to go? A nunnery
why do you think Hamlet told Ophelia to go to a nunnery? to make the king think he’s not crazy.
why is it so important to Hamlet that the lines he wrote be delivered exactly the way he wants them to be? he needs to see Claudius’s reaction to see if he acts guilty
in what tone does Hamlet want the line he wrote to be delivered? evil; dark
who does Hamlet tell Horatio to watch during the play? Claudius
what will Hamlet and Horatio do after the play? they are going to compare notes about Claudius’s reaction
who requests Hamlet’s company during the play? his mom
why don’t Hamlet refuse to go see his mom? he wants to go see Ophelia
describe the dumb show slient preface
how does Hamlet treat Ophelia during the play? he flirts with her and is crude/insulting
at what point is the play stopped and why? when Claudius calls for light because he wants to end his guilt and also end the play.
do you think it made anyone suspicious when Claudius stopped the play? most likely because Claudius seemed nervous and also because Hamlet asked Claudius things like, “why are you scared?”
why is the title Hamlet gives the play appropriate? The Mouse Trap is appropriate because he trapped Claudius like someone would to a mouse
what is the dramatic importance of the play within the play? to what extent does it fulfill Hamlet’s purpos? to see Claudius’s reaction. it also confirms that Claudius murdered King Hamlet. it showed Hamlet the truth.
why do you think Claudius sent for Hamlet after the play? he knew that Hamlet knows about him killing Ling Hamlet. Claudius also called because he is angry and intimidated
why do you think Hamlet did not go to Claudius when he called for Hamlet? Hamlet doesn’t go to show Claudius his power
why do you think Hamlet used an allusion to Nero? to give himself a pep talk and say he will hurt his mother with words but not phsyically, unlike Nero who killed his mother.
what is Claudius’s meeting with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about? it’s about them going accompanying Hamlet to England.
what does Polonius decide to do and why? why do you think this information was included here, in this scene where it does not seems to belong? he’s going to easedrop on Hamlet and his mom’s conversation. this is here so the audience will know that Polonius is listening(dramatic irony)
when does the allusion to the sorry of Cain and abel show? when Claudius spoke his soliloquy
why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius when he sees him? he doesn’t want Claudius to go go to heaven since Claudius was praying
why is it ironic that Hamlet did not kill Claudius when he was praying. because Claudius wasn’t actually praying
should Hamlet have killed Claudius at the end of scene three? no
Polonius instructs Gertrude on how to handle Hamlet. do you think he has a right to do so? no
what is Polonius’s advice to Gertrude? he tells her to treat Hamlet strictly.
how does Polonius’s advice sound? this is not good advice because they are both angry.
does Gertrude take Polonius’s advice? she does take it at first but then Hamlet makes her upset.
how does the conversation between Hamlet and his mother go? it goes horrible bad
cite reasons for considering that the murder of Polonius is the turning point of the play. it’s the 1st death/murder; it complicates things betweenness Claudius, Gertrude, and Ophelia; it shows Claudius that Hamlet is a threat and dangerous.
how was Polonius’s death foreshawdowed? the audience and Gertrude were the only ones that knew that Polonius was hiding behind the arras
why is Act 3 the climax of the play? it’s the 1st death/murder and the play within the play let’s Hamlet know that Claudius is guilty.
why does the Ghost reappear in scene four? he was making sure Hamlet would not kill his mother and he would focus on his original purpose
why does Hamlet think the Ghost has come? because he hasn’t killed Claudius
why do you think Hamlet sees the ghost, but Gertrude does not? he’s imaging the ghost or the ghost could be choosing the characters that can see him.
based on her conversations with Hamlet and what you know of her so far, why do you think Gertrude married Claudius after Hamlet Sr. died? so she wouldn’t lose her position as queen
Hamlet says he trust Rosencrantz and Guildenstern “as i will added fanged.” adders are poisonous snakes. what is the effect of this analogy? he’s saying tryst he can’t trust them.
explain how Shakespeare develops the dramatic irony of Hamlet’s madness in this act. the audience and Horatio are the only people that know he’s faking his insanity. the people who don’t know are the people Hamlet needs to watch