Hamlet Act 3 scene 4

What does Polonius urge the Queen to do? Be blunt with your son. His behavior will not be tolerated
Why does Hamlet kill Polonius? He thinks it’s Claudius
In lines 19-20, Hamlet says to his mother, “You go not till I set you up a glass/ Where you may see the inmost part of you.” Beginning with line 53, In what way does he do this? Shows her 2 lockets with pictures of her husbands. Pointing out the differences of the 2. They are foils.
Why does the Ghost appear to Hamlet again? “Do not forget thy almost blunted purpose” Have a job to do, don’t forget.
What does Hamlet ask of his mother? Estrange herself from Claudius and keep his secret of feign madness.
What is climax? Turning point of story where problem begins to resolve itself
It is generally agreed that the climax of the play happens in Act III.When does it occur? When Hamlet fails to kill Claudius at prayer