Hamlet Act 3 Scene 4

What is Hamlet’s play on words in line 13? Gertrude offended Hamlet’s father
What two insults did Hamlet give to Gertrude in lines 20-21? -Gertrude is Claudius’ wife-Gertrude is Hamlet’s mother
What does Hamlet do in line 29? Kill Polonius
Did Hamlet mean to kill Polonius? No
Who did Hamlet think who was hiding? Polonius
What two men did Hamlet compare in lines 63-98? Hyperion and Mercury
What was the main idea to Hyperion and Mercury’s story? Every god set the stamp on the man
What is Gertrude’s reaction to the Hyperion and Mercury story Hamlet told? Gertrude wanted Hamlet to stop
Why does Gertrude want Hamlet to stop? Hamlet made Gertrude look like a soul
Who enters after line 117? The Ghost
What is Hamlet’s reaction to the ghost? Hamlet’s mood changed
What is Gertrude’s reaction to the ghost? The ghost is mad
Why did the ghost come? To sharpen Hamlet’s somewhat dull appetite for revenge
How does Gertrude explain Hamlet’s actions with the Ghost? Madness is good at creating hallucinations
In lines 193-194, Hamlet states, “For this same lord I do repent;” Who is the lord, and how does Hamlet feel about what happened. Polonius is the lord and Hamlet was sorry for killing him
Another often quoted line is, “I must be cruel only to be kind” in line 199. What does Hamlet mean? Hamlet wants to be nice and not mean
What request does Hamlet make of his mother in lines 203-218? To stop sleeping with Claudius
What is Gertrude’s response? Gertrude will not tell anyone about the Ghost or Polonius’ death
Where does Hamlet remind Gertrude he will be going? Hamlet will go to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
What does Hamlet say is going to happen to him in England? Regard with suspicion as though they were poisonous snakes
What did Hamlet take with him when he left Gertrude’s chamber? Polonius’ death