Hamlet Act 3 Scene 2

Why does Hamlet trust and admire Horatio He is a long time loyal friend.
When Hamlet talks to Ophelia, what does he say that proves he has lost faith in her? Hamlet is a rude jerk to her and very disrespectful and acts as if she is morally corrupt
What does the play-within-a -play (Mousetrap) reveal? The play reveals the outrage of the king as it continues after the poison is poured. The king reacts to this part in the play which is exactly what Hamlet was expecting. Reveals Claudius’s guilt
What is Hamlet’s attitude towards R&G? He is not happy with them. He made the point that they could not play him just like they couldn’t play the recorder, he was not a fan of the lies. He was angered by their betrayal to him.
What is Hamlet’s state of mind at this point in the play? Hamlet now got a reaction out of his uncle to confirm that his uncle was the one who killed his father. I think that Hamlet is clearly still unstable in his mindset and he is ready to kill Claudius.