Hamlet Act 3 Questions

What does Polonius say that causes Claudius to feel guilty? Polonius states:”People act devoted to God to mask their bad deeds.”
What does Hamlet question in this scene? He contemplates whether it is better to be dead rather than to be alive.”To be or not to be” is his famous soliloquy.
How does Ophelia feel about Hamlet in this scene? She states:”Nice gifts lose their value when the givers turn out not to be so nice.” She wants him to take his gifts back.
What is Claudius’s plan at the end of the scene for Hamlet? Claudius wants to send Hamlet off to England to retrieve money that English owes to Denmark.
What does Hamlet and Horatio plan to do to find out if Claudius is guilty? One of the scenes is very close to the murder of Hamlet’s father, so they are going to watch him to see his reaction.
What is the play called? What does this represent? The play’s title is “The Mouse Trap.” The play is Hamlet’s little trap for Claudius.
How does Claudius react to the play? He gets very angry and walks out of the show
What is Claudius’s real reason for wanting Hamlet out of Denmark? He has to get Hamlet away from Denmark before others know Claudius murdered the late king.
Why didn’t Hamlet kill Claudius in this scene? Claudius was praying. And if Hamlet murdered him while he was praying, he would go right to heaven.
Why does Claudius feel he cannot be forgiven? He has the mark of Cain on himself. His guilt is stronger than his intentions. He’s also not really sorry for what he’s done. He doesn’t really want to give up what he’s gained from the murder.
When does Hamlet plan to kill Claudius? He plans to kill Claudius when he’s caught in the act of doing something wrong/evil.
Who does Claudius plan to send to England with Hamlet? He plans to send Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to England.
How does Polonius die in this scene? He was hiding behind a tapestry and when Hamlet heard the noise he was making, Hamlet stabbed him through the tapestry.
Why does Hamlet compare the painting of the two brothers to his own father and uncle? The two in the painting are complete opposites.
Why does Gertrude think Hamlet has gone completely crazy? What does she say the image of the ghost is? When he sees the ghost, she sees nothing. She thinks the ghost is a figment of his imagination.
At the end of this scene, what does Hamlet tell Gertrude NOT to do, and why? He tells his mother not to go to his uncle’s bed anymore. Habit is a terrible thing in that it’s easy to get to doing evil without feeling bad about it.