Summarize the to be or not to be speech by hamlet He is questioning himself whether he wants to live or not. Whether it is worth it to live with such grief and sadness.
How does Hamlet respond to Ophelia’s pleas for him to continue with the sweet words he used to send her? He is pretty much telling her that he will never truly love her and she should protect her purity.
Claudius makes a plan to send Hamlet where after eavesdropping on his conversation with Ophelia? England
Polonius wants one more shot to find out what is wrong with Hamlet by eavesdropping on an other conversation, this time between Hamlet and who? His mom, the queen
Who does Hamlet ask to watch Claudius to monitor his reaction to the scene he added to the play? Horatio
How does the King react? He got upset and left because it wasnt the original scene.
What does that reaction do to hamlet’s suspicions? It confirms that claudius had killed hamlets father.
Claudius struggles with what that even keeps him from being able to pray? The grief that he felt from killing his brother.
When presented with an easy opportunity to kill Claudius, why does Hamlet hesitate? He was afraid cluadius would end up going to heaven.
Explain how Hamlet “accidentally” kills Polonius. He stabbed him through the curtain while pulling his mother away from the confrontation.
What does Gertrude finally realize after Polonius’s death? She did the king wrong by marrying his brother.
The ghost returns in this scene and urges Hamlet to do what? To hurry up and kill the king to avenge his death.