Hamlet Act 3 Questions

Whats causing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to not find the causeof Hamlet’s madness? When he’s aboit to say the answer he acts crazy
Who’s invited to the play? The King, Queen, Ophelia, Polonious
What prop does Polonious give Ophelia before the eavesdrop scene? A book
What is the speech about when Hamlet talks to himself? To live or die
What’s Hamlet’s reaction when Ophelia tried to give back the gifts he gave her? He denies giving them to her
What is said during the eavesdropping scene? Does Hamlet love Ophelia? He breaks her heart and says he never loved her
Where does Hamlet tell Ophelia to go? To the nunnery
What does Claudius decide to do? He is going to send him to England and collect money
What does Polonius decide to do? He decides to evesdrop once more and hide in the Queen’s room so he can hear and figure out what it is
What does Hamlet want as a favor from Horatio? That he will observe the King during the play and take notes
How come Polonious knows so much about acting? He played Caesar
Who sits where during the play? Hamlet sits next to Ophelia, the King and Queen sit together
How does the play end? Claudius makes the lights go on
Where is Hamlet supposed to go after the play? To his mom’s toom to talk to her
Rose cranes and Guildenstern ask straight up, what Hamlet’s problem is? What does he say? Can’t give him an answer because he is too crazy
What does he compare Rosnecrantz and Guildenstern asking him questions to? Compares him to a flute
The King tells Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to get ready for a trip to where? To England, because he thinks Hamlet’s dangerous
Claudius is finally alone, what is the meaning of his speech? He killed his brother on purpose and he can’t pray for forgivness
What happens when Hamlet finds the King alone? Plans to kill Claudius, but he will wait because Claudius is oraying and he doesnt want him to go to heaven
Where does the second eavesdropping scene take place? Behind the curtains
What happened first, second and third? 1. Confess to heaven to save her soul 2. Stop sleeping with Claudius 3. Don’t tell Claudius, Hamlet knows everything
The scene is interrupted by a visitor. Who? The Father’s ghost
Hamlet asks the Queen to do 3 things. What are they? 1. Claudius is spared 2. Hanlet is angry with the Queen and Polonius 3. Hamlet stabs the curtains and kills Polonius
When Hamlet leaves the scene, what does he take with him? Polonius’ body