Hamlet Act 3 and 4 and 5

matter significance
unseen hidden
heavy dreadful
answered justified, explained, satisfied
short on a short leash
divulging coming to light
soft an exclamation here enjoining silence
knavish mischievous
progress royal journey
bark ship
tend attend you; wait for your
bent ready
England King of England
cicatrice scar
congruing agreeing (accent on first syllable)
present immediate
imports demands
softly slowly
powers military forces
addition overstatement. exaggeration
impostume abscess
discourse power of thought
fust become moldy
sith since
bloodly bloodthirsty
distract distraught; perturbed, unsettles; insane, mentally disturbed
tricks plots; deception
aim guess
ill-breeding evil breeding
toy triffle
amiss disaster
artless awkward, stupid
jealousy unreasonable suspicions
spills destroys
split divulged
shoon shoes
betime early
dupped opened
maid virgin
Gis Jesus
Cock a substitution for “God” in oaths
author cause
spies individual soldiers sent by the army to scout out the territory
muddied stirred up, confused
wonder bewilderment, perplexity
within offstage
attend listen, particpate in
Switzers Swiss bodyguards
head armed force
counters in hunting, a dog goes counter when it follows the trail in the wrong direction
false treacherous, faithless
without outside
keep guard
cuckold betrayed husband
true faithful. chaste
hedge surround in order to protect
would ish; wwould like to do
throughly thoroughly
certainty/Of truths or facts about
swoopstake literally. take all the stakes on the gambling table (The metaphoric meaning of line 162 is “are you dtermined to take revenge on friend and enemies both?”
sensibly intensely
level intelligble, plain
document lesson, instruction
fennel in flowery symbolism it symbolizes flattery and deceipt
rue symbol of sorrow or repentance
a difference heraldic term for a variation in a coat of arms
daisy symbol of dissembling
violets symbol of faithfulness
thought melancholy
passion suffering
hatchment tablet displaying his coat of arms
ostentation ceremony
th’ ambassador Hamlet
overlooked read
means means of access
way means of access
knowing intelligent, understanding
feats deeds
capital deadly
mainly greatly
unsinewed weak
conjunctive closely joined
count accounting; judgment
reverted returned
terms condition
naked defenseless
pardon permission
abuse deceit, imposture
characters handwriting
so provided that
device devising. planning
uncharge lift a burden from
practice strategem. treachery
organ agent, instrument
sables furs, or robes with sable trim
weeds garments
importing signifying
brave noble
topped surpassed
‘scrimers fencers (from French escrimeurs)
play fence
qualifies diminishes, lessens
snuff the burnt part of the wick of a candle
That That which; so that
indeed in fact. also, in action
remiss carelessly indifferent
generous noble-minded
contriving treachery
shuffling shifting of the foils, legerdemain
unbated not blunted (as rapiers for such matches should be)
mortal deadly
cataplasm poultice
simples medicinal plants
virtue medicinal power
withal with it
contagion poision that infects the blood
motion exertion
venomed poisonouse
stuck thrust (a fencing term)
askant aslant
hoar gray
Therewith with willow brances
liberal plainspoken
grosser coarser, less decent
cold chaste
pendant downhanging
lauds hymns
endued naturally adapted
lay song
straight straightaway, immediately
crowner coroner
wittingly deliberately
Argal a mistake for Latin ergo “therefore”
goodman a form of address prefixed, as here, to the name of an occupation
‘quest inquest
count’nance legal approval, favorable loks
even-Christian fellow Christians
unyoke ie quit as a farmer does when he unyokes his team of oxen
Marry a mild oath
Mass by the Mass (a mild oath)
doomsday last judgment; end of the world
behove benefit
jowls dashes
o’erreaches gets the better of
mazard head (a slang term)
loggets a game played by throwing pieces of wood at a stake
quiddities hair-splitting definitions
quillities quibbles
tenures holdings
suffer allow
sconce head (a slang term)
conveyances deeds
inheritor owner
sirrah term of address to a lower-class male
quick living; quick moving; alived
absolute precise
picked affected
pocky rotten as if infected with syphillis
fancy imagination
chapfallen dejected; without the lower jaw
favor appearance
Alexander Alexander the Great who died in 323 BCE as rule of the known world
curiousity elaborately
Imperious imperial, majestic
expel keep out
flaw gust of wind
maimed impaired. diminished
Fordo destroy
mark observe
doubtful suspicious
for instead of
shards bits of pottery
crants garlands
strewments flowers strewn on a grave
howling in hell
decked adorned. arrayed
Pelion a high mountain on which, in Greek mythology, the giants placed Mount Ossa in their attempt to scale Mount Olympus
skyish lofty
spenitive quick-tempered
‘swounds by Christ’s wounds (a strong oath)
thou’t thou wilt
Woo’t wilt thou
eisel vinegar
Ossa in Greek mythology, the giants placed Pelion on top of Mount Ossa in their attempt to scale Mount Olympus
disclosed hatched
thereby often replaced by Fs shortly
mutines muntineers
bilboes shackles
indiscretion impulsive action
pall lose strength
learn teach
fingered stole
larded ornamented
bugs bugbears
or before
yeoman’s substantial; loyal
effect substance; purposes, rewards
tributary a national that pays tribute to another nation
ordinant working to control events
signet small seal
model replica
changeling exchance (as fariies substitued elves or imps for human babies, so Hamlet has replace the king’s document with his own forged one.)
defeat destruction
insinuation winding themselves into the affair
baser inferior
pass thrust
fell destructive
points swords
hopes expectations
angle fishhook
proper very
quit requite; pay back
canker sore that eats and spreads; cancer
in into
bravery boastful showiness
waterfly iridescent insect
crib stall of an ox
mess ie table (literally, regular eating companions)
chough ie jackdaw (a chattering birdm and thus a chatterer)
indifferent somewhat; pretty well
complexion temperament
differences distinguishing characteristics
continent container; receptacle
definement definition
perdition loss
nomination naming
approve commend
imputation reputation
meed merit
unfellowed unmatched
poniards daggers
assigns accessories such as girdles, hangers, and swords
carriages literally, wheeled supports on which cannons are mounted
responsive well-matched
laid bet
foils weapons blunted for fencing
an if, a
commend offer (also means prasise a few pages earlier
drossy worthless
tune manner of speaking
gaingiving misgiving
repair coming
state court
needs necessarily
sore severe, grave
exception dislike, dissatisfaction
purposed intended
frankly freely willingly
kettle kettledrum
napkin handkerchief
carouses drinks a toast
woodcock proverbially stupid bird
union pearl; probable pun on union as “pearl” and union in marriage and death
tempered mixed, compounded
mutes actors without speaking parts
o’ercrows triumphs over
voice vote; authority
Colors those carrying flags or standards of Fortinbras’s army
toward in preparation
senseless incapable of sensing
him Claudius
stage platform
casual occuring by chance
deliver tell
passage passing, death
field field of battle
drift conscious direction, steering
conference discourse, conversation
grafting afflicting, vexing
assay tempt
rub obstacle
respect consideration
time the age we live in, life long damages
despised unrequited
fardels burdens, loads
bourn frontier
puzzles paralyzes
conscience knowldege, consciousness
cast shade
pitch height, highest point in falcons flight
moment importance
honest chaste
fair beautiful; in the clear hand of a clerk
paradox contradiction
nunnery convent or brothel
monsters cuckolds (man whose wife was unfaithful grew horns on his forehead)
expectancy hope
rose paragon
blown vigorous, fresh
affections emotion, mental state, artificiality
robustious noisy, boisterous
groundlings spectators who stood in the theater yard rather than sitting in gallrgy seats or around the stage- cheaper tickets
termagant figure who medievel christians wrongly believed was worshipped by muslims
herod a raging tyrant
modesty moderation, absence of excess, restraint
from opposite to
pressure shape
allowance estimation
christians respectabele human beings
journeymen hirelings who work for daily wages
clowns comic roles
barren dull, uninteligent
question matter, subject, problem
election choice; selection of a ruler
blood emotions, passions
commeddled mixed together
pipe small win instrument like a fluete
stop hole that a musician finger covers to make a certain sound
comment observation
occulted deliberatel hidden
unkennel a term describing the driving of a fox from its lair
seeming appearance, behavior
idle delerious, crazy
fares does, eats
black mourning garments
belike perhaps…
imports makes known
argument plot
naught naught, indecent
mark pay attention to
hymen god of marriage
commutual mutal, recpirocal
confound destroy
wormwood bitter, harsh
instances causes
thrift worldly profit
enactures enactments
aye ever
down fallen in esteem
favorite chosen companion
flies deserts him
hitherto thus far
try test
ends outcome, result
fain gladly
beguile while away
rock soothe
methinks it seems to me
anon soon
kavish impertinent
free innocent
witers ridge between the horses shoulders
unwrung not chafed
blasted cursed, blighted
feathers worn on actors hats
razed slashed decoratively
damon renonwed in roman mythology for the depht of his friendship for pythias
dismantled stripped
Jove king of the roman gods
pajock peacock
recorders wind instruments like a flute with seven holes
perdy by God in french
retirement withdrawal into seclusion
distempered upset, ill, drunk
choler biliousness, anger
signify announce, tell
purgation medical cleansing, spiritual purfication
start shy away
wholesome sane
admiration wonder
ventages finger hols or stops
compass full range of an insturments sound, limits, scope
fret annoy, tormen, provide a stringed instrument adorned with raised parts on the fingerbaord that guid the fingers
fool trifle with
nero murderer of his mother Agrippina
shent punished
brows forehead
fear apprehension, solicitude, concern
noyance injury
cess cessaition, decease
gulf whirlpool
mortise securely fastened
boistrous violent, savage
convey conveal
process discussion
meet appropriate; suitable
currents course of events
rests remains
limed trapped
engaged entangled
pat opportunely
audit final acount
pranks malicious deeds
round blunt, plainspoken
rood cross
glass mirror
leave end, cease
proff invulnerable
sense feeling
blurs stains, defiles
contraction marriage contract
rhapsody jumble
hyperions name for the sun god, most beuatiful of the pagan gods
front forehead
combinations group of features
ear of a cereal plant like wheat
batten glut yourself
moor barren land
heyday state of excitement
apoplexed suffering from paralysis
cozened tricked
mutine incite rebellion
grained indelible,permanent dye
enseamed greasy
cutpurse thief
important urgent
conceit imagination
incorporal immaterial
capables responsive
want lack
reword repeat word for word
ranker more coarsely luxuriant; higher
fatness grossness
pursy flat, glabby
curb bow
use habit
aptly easily
potency strength
reechy filthy
paddock toad
gib tomcat
unpeg unfasten
mines tunnels dug under a fortress wall, undermine
packing leaving the country, carrying off a burden
tempt entice
mouth orate pompously