Hamlet Act 3

What do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern say about hamlet and his madness? He’s smart about his madness and beating around the bush; he’s not answering their questions
What does Gertrude wish is the cause of hamlet’s distress, in reference to Ophelia? Good beauties
What does Gertrude hope “will bring him to his wonted way again?” Ophelia’s virtues
What does Claudius (with Polonius) hope to accomplish in the beginning of act 3? Spy on hamlet and Ophelia to see if love is causing hamlets madness
What are the first six words of Hamlet’s fourth and most famous soliloquy? And what about it? To be or not to beThat is the question
What major theme does hamlet question in this soliloquy? What does this tell us about the character hamlet? Life vs deathHamlet is self reflective, a procrastinator
What does hamlet say concerning his fortune in his fourth soliloquy? Questioning whether it is more noble to suffer, or fight against fortune
At the end of the fourth soliloquy what does Hamlet ask to have remembered in Ophelia’s prayers? All his sins
What are orisons? Prayers
Does hamlet tell Ophelia he loves her or loves her not? Both”I loved you once, I love you not”
“Get ____ to a ____.” Fill in the blanks, give the speaker. Thee, nunnery Hamlet
Hamlet states “I am very proud, revengeful, ambitious, with more offended at my neck than I have ____ to put them in, ____ to give them shape, or ____ to act them in.” Thoughts, imagination, time
Ophelia describes hamlet’s mind in a simile. What is the simile that she uses? Like sweet bells jangled out of time
Where does hamlet tell Ophelia to go (exact words)? Get thee to a nunnery
What is Claudius’ response (plan to do) to all that he observed with hamlet? Send him to England
What is Polonius’ response (plan to do) to hamlet and Ophelia’s encounter? Have hamlet hang out with Gertrude, she’ll question why he’s so sad, and polonius will spy on them
“It shall be so. ____ in great ones must not ____ go.” Fill in the blanks, give the speaker. Also, what is the king really saying to himself? Madness, unwatched Claudius – keep an eye on hamlet because he has power
“I would have such a fellow shipped for overdoing Termagant” what is a termagant? Who speaks the above live and what is s/he saying? Termagant = a scolding old lady that overdoes stuffHamlet – if someone acted like that, I’d have them punished
What is the root of the word Termagant? Thirvugente = “thrice wandering”???? = crescent moon, symbol of TermagantTyr Magan (Germanic God) – Anglo Saxon for “very mighty”
“Suit the ____ to the word, the ____ to the action.” Action, word
Hamlet tells the players that the point of acting is to do what? 3 parts 1. Portray the time period and the current events that occur in that time2.3.
What does hamlet state that poor clowns do to get laughs? Laugh at their own jokes
What does hamlet tell Horatio (before the play, The Mousetrap) to do and why? Watch the king, and look for signs of guilt
Who states “here is metal more attractive” and what does s/he mean? Hamlet – He’d prefer to sit next to Ophelia
What does hamlet mean when he states “do you think I meant country matters?” Things that are generally indecent
How long has King hamlet been dead according to Ophelia? Four months
Hamlet responds to Ophelia when she says King hamlet has only been dead four months by stating “then there’s hope a great mans memory may outlive his life…?” by how long? 6 months
When Ophelia asks hamlet if the player introducing the prologue will state what the show is about, hamlet states “ay, or any show that you will show him”. What is (does) hamlet further suggest to Ophelia regarding the players and what one can reveal? If you’re not ashamed to show him, he’ll tell you how to use those parts
When Ophelia says of the prologue “Tis brief, my lord” what is hamlet’s response? As woman’s love
Fill in the blanks and then give the speaker. Also, what is this paralleling?”O, confused the rest! / such love must needs be treason in my breast: / in second husband let me be ____! / none wed the second but who killed the ____.” Accurst, firstPlayer queenParallels Gertrude’s marriage to Claudius
Give the speaker and explicate the lines. “What to ourselves in passion we propose / the passion ending, doth the purpose we lose.” Player KingIn the heat of passion we often say and intend things that lose their meaning once the passion is gone
“For tis a question left us yet to prove, whether ____ lead ____, or else ____ ____.” Love, fortune, fortune, love
Give the speaker. What are the thoughts that will die?”So think thou wilt no second husband wed / but die they thoughts when thy first lord is dead” Player Kingthoughts that will die are her thoughts about not marrying another-“You say you’re not gonna marry another, but as soon as your husband is dead you go and marry another”
When hamlet turns to Gertrude and asks how she likes the play, what is Gertrude’s response? The lady protests too much
What is a free soul for hamlet? Does he have one? (Must get answer to 1st part for the 2nd part to count) Free soul = clear conscienceHe has no soul
Who poisons the player King and how? Lucianus – poured poison in player kings ears
What does lucianus’ poisoning parallel? Killing of King hamlet
Guildenstern (after the play) states that the king is in his room. Hamlet asks “with drink sir” to which Guildenstern replies “no my lord, with choler.” What does choler mean for Guildenstern and ahat does hamlet twist it to mean? Choler = anger/being angryTwists it to mean that he’s sick, needs to be cured
Who is the speaker and what is s/he implying?”To withdraw with / you: why do you go about to recover the wind of me / as if you would drive me into a toil?” Hamlet – implying Guildenstern/Rosencrantz are trying to maneuver around him, get upwind of him, and trap him
What does hamlet imply when he asks Guildenstern to play a recorder, knowing that Guildenstern cannot? Hamlet is warning him. They (Guildenstern/Rosencrantz) think they can play hamlet, but they can’t, and they need to stop
Give the speaker and explicate the lines”How in my words soever she shent, to give them seals never, my soul, consent!” Hamlet – “however my words may chastise her, my soul must never consent to confirm the words with the deeds”*reminding himself to be nice to Gertrude
In the beginning of scene 3, why does the king decide to send hamlet to England? It’s not safe to keep him around because he’s crazy
What do these lines mean for Rosencrantz (and Claudius)? What parallel is Shakespeare drawing?”…the cess of majesty / does not alone; but, like a gulf, doth draw / what’s near it with it…” “A kings death is not an isolated one. It’s like a whirlpool, drawing everything around it into it”Parallels the chain of being
In Claudius’ big soliloquy he finally begins to face what emotion? Guilt
What does Claudius say prayer is for (2 things)? Stop us from sinning before we sin / pardon us after we sin
What three things does Claudius admit he still possesses, which therefore makes prayer so hard? His crown, his ambition, his queen
1. In the corrupt world what “buys out the law?” 2. Also, how is this different from Claudius’ view of heaven? 1. Guilded hand2. There’s no trickery in heaven, forced to give evidence of our sins
In the corrupt world riches gained by crime can do what? How does this compare with Claudius’ view of heaven? Buy out the lawBut in heaven there is no trickery
Hamlet discovers Claudius alone in the chapel. He pulls out his sword. Why does he not kill him? Because Claudius is praying, and no sins are above his head. If he was to be killed, he’d go to heaven and that wouldn’t be sufficient revenge
What is hamlet asking here? Basically, explicate. “Bug in our circumstance and course of thought / tis heavy with him: and an I then revenged / to take him in the purging of his soul / when he is fit and seasoned for his passage?” “Am I revenged if I kill him and he’s ready to go to heaven?”
“My ____ fly up, my ____ remain below: ____ without ____ never to heaven go.” Give the speaker, fill in the blanks. ClaudiusWords, thoughts, words, thoughts
When Gertrude tells hamlet that “hamlet thou hast thy father much offended”, what is hamlet’s response? Mother, you have my father much offended
Who is speaking and to whom? Also what is s/he saying? Hamlet to GertrudeGertrude isn’t leaving until she reflects on her true conscience
Who is speaking and to whom. Also what is s/he saying?”Thou wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell! / I took the for thy better: take thy fortune / thou findest to be too busy is some danger.” Hamlet to polonius’ body”You wretched, irrational fool, goodbye! Accept your bad luck, now you know what happens when you cross me”
How does hamlet describe his father to Gertrude? Jove himself, eyes like the war god Mars, herald like Mercury
How does hamlet describe his uncle to Gertrude? Mildewed fungus
What is hamlet telling his mother concerning love?”Ha! Have you eyes? You cannot call it love; for at your age the hey-day in the blood is tame, it’s humble, and waits upon judgement.” She wasn’t in love, she was in lust. She’s too old to fall in lust, at her age age should know how to control it, and use judgement
Fill in the blanks. Then state what hamlet is trying to tell Gertrude. “What devil was’t that this hath cozen’d you at hoodman-blind? Eyes without ____, feeling without ____, ____ without hands or eyes, smelling sans all, or but a sickly part of one true sense could not so mope.” Feeling, sight, earsClaudius tricked Gertrude and she believed it / he’s blaming her. Saying she’s the one that screwed up
Hamlet describes Claudius in the following way:”A murderer and a villain / a slave that is not twentieth part the tithe / of your precedent lord…”What is hamlet saying and what are the two fractions involved? Claudius is a murderer and a villain not worth 1/20 of 1/10 of King hamlet
What does the ghost state is the reason for his visit? Remind hamlet that his purpose is revenge, and to keep Gertrude out of it
After hamlet states that he is seeing the ghost of his father Gertrude states that “this is the very coinage of your brain. This bodiless creation ecstasy…” Hamlet replies by saying “ecstasy? My pulse as yours doth…” What is it that his “pulse doth?” What is he admitting to his mommy? His heartbeat is calm like hers, he isn’t crazy
What is hamlet asking of his mother?”…mother, for love if grace, lay not that nattering unction to your soul, that not trespass, but by madness speaks…” Don’t blame this on madness. Understand your own mistakes *take responsibility for your own mistakes
What does hamlet mean when he says “do not spread the compost in the weeds to make them ranker..” Don’t make things worse by adding to your sins
What does hamlet day regarding refraining from passion for one night? It’ll make it easier to refrain from passion the next night
“So again, goodnight. I must be ____ ____ to be ____.” Cruel only, kind
When Gertrude says “what shall I do?” Hamlet tells her four things NOT to do. What are they? 1. Don’t have sex with the king2. Don’t let him call you his mouse3. Don’t let him pinch your cheek4. Don’t let him get to reveal everything thru kisses
Hamlet then states sarcastically what Gertrude should do. What 3 things does he say she should do? 1. Tell him everything for a queen such as yourself wouldn’t keep anything from anyone2. Let the cat out of the bag3. Let the birds fly the coop *all 3 imply letting the secrets out
Gertrude picks up on hamlet’s sarcasm. She states she will not tell. She essentially uses a metaphor concerning life and breath. What is the metaphor? If words are made of breath, and breath is life, then she had no breath to breath so she has no words to say
What does hamlet say he will be doing at the end of the act with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and how trust worthy are his friends? They’re going to EnglandThey’re trustworthy like snakes

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