Hamlet act 3

How much have rosencrantz and guildenstern learned from/ about hamlet? He’s very confused. He’s sly and dances around. Otherwise they dont know much about him
Finally the planned meeting between hamlet and Ophelia is arranged, spies and all. What does Polonius give Ophelia to read? A prayer book
What response does his remark get ( in an aside) fro Claudius? Why is this speech of Claudius’ important? What do we learn that we haven’t learned before? He feels guilty for doing this. Starting to reveal his feelings for Hamlet. Claudius might care
How is Hamlet’s 4th soliloquy different from the first three? He is wanting to kill himself, but in the first 3 it wasn’t so deep. Now, as he acts crazier, he is realizing that love doesn’t exist.
What happens between hamlet and Ophelia in the so-called “nunnery scene”? Does him know that he’s being watched? Does he determined that during the scene? Can you spot a place where he might? She returns the letters and gets hurt so he says that all marriage is horrible. He is not sure. When he asked her where her father is
Who is the “one” referred to in “all but one” The king
How does Claudius respond to what he has seen and heard? Is he convinced that love is the cause of hamlets madness? What does he plan to do about hamlet? No Claudius feels threatened by what hamlet said. There is more than rejected.
How does Polonius respond? Is he willing to give up his “love” answer? What does he propose as an additional way to find out what how much is thinking? Are you surprised that it includes spying? No he is sticking to his answer. He will spy on a conversation between hamlet and the queen.
What advice does hamlet have for the actors? Why? Try to act as realistic as possible. He wants the reaction of the king.
What is the main idea of hamlets fourth soliloquy He wants to kill himself and the people in this world are not worth living for
Why does hamlet say he especially likes Horatio? Does hamlet see Horatio similar to him or different from him? He takes everything like gives him calmly and gratefully. Similar to him
How much time elapsed between act one and act two 2 months. (Act 1 – act 3 is four months) (whole play is 6 months)
How does the play – within – the – play reflect the issues of bothering Hamlet The play shows how quickly his mother got with his uncle. It showed brother murdering brother. This hits the crowd.
What is Claudius’ mood as he stops the play?how does hamlet respond He is angry/guilty. He is trying to keep it light
If Hamlet has learned that Claudius is indeed guilty, Claudius has also learned something from the presentation of the play. What has Claudius learned Claudius now knows that hamlet knows about him and he is trying to provoke him
What message do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern have for Hamlet? Despite the chaos at the end of the play, is this message unexpected after hearing Polonius suggestion at the end of the nunnery seen? His mother wants to see him. No, he is trying tones with Hamlet and make him seem crazy
How is hamlets fifth soliloquy different from the other soliloquies? What is the mood of the soliloquy? How do you react to it? What is happening to Hamlet? He is more full of hatred and murder. Dark and deathly. He is starting to turn crazy, wanting to kill others.
What has Claudius decided to do with him? Who will go with him? What theoretical message about kingship does Rosencrantz tell Claudius? He wants to send him to England. Gildenstein. Whenever a king dies, Others die with him
Where is Polonius going To hide behind the tapestry
What does Claudius admit in hisattempt to pray? How’s the play actually had an effect on him? Why can’t he ask for forgiveness? He doesn’t know if he can be forgiven because he murdered his brother. Yes, he now feels guilty. Hamlet.
What happens when Hamlet enters? Why doesn’t hamlet kill Claudius then? What is ironic about hamlets decision? He tries to kill Claudius. He wants to plan it out and wait for the right moment. He is praying.
How successful is the first part of the interview between Gertrude and Hamlet? What goes wrong (even before Polonius death)? Who controls the conversation? Why does Gertrude call for help? Not good. Hamlet. She is fearing for her life
Does Gertrude know that Claudius killed hamlets father? No, she’s oblivious to it
What device does hamlet use to force Gertrude to consider what she has done? The pictures of her first husband vs. her now husband and proves which is mightier looking
Why does the ghost appear at this point? How is his appearance different from his appearance in act one? Who saw him then? Who sees him now? What is his message to hamlet? Hamlet has fulfilled the act. Only hamlet can see him. Keep an ion your mother.
After the ghost leaves, does hammered succeed in what he came to do? What is Gertrude’s state when he leaves? What should she do, and what should she not do? No he wanted to kill Claudius not Polonius. She is very afraid for Hamlet because she doesn’t know whether he is telling the truth or not. Let the king seduce her
What does hamlet think of his upcoming trip to England? What does he expect to do He expects to get away from his school mates by sneaking away

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