Hamlet Act 3

“If’t be th’ affliction of his love or no that thus he suffers for” King-him and Polonius are seeing if it is love or not
“I do wish that your good beauties be the happy cause of Hamlet’s wildness.” Queen-she doesn’t want to be the reason Hamlet is sad
What is soliloquy #3 about? suicide and if he should live or not
“To be or not to be– that is the question” Hamlet-to live or not to live
“The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles and, by opposing, end them.” Hamlet-is it better to just end it or fight
“The heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to- ’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished. To die, to sleep- to sleep perchance to dream.” Hamlet-if I kill myself, I’ll have a good sleep but then I will have nightmares
“But that the dread of something after death, the undiscovered country from whose bourn” Hamlet-not sure if he will go to heaven or hell if he kills himself
“And makes us rather bear those ills we have than fly to others that we know not of?” Hamlet-doesn’t know other side so he will deal with his problems
“The fair Ophelia” Hamlet-beautiful Ophelia
“My lord, I have remembrances of yours that I have longed long to redeliver.” Ophelia-has his stuff and wants to give it back
“Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind.” Ophelia-saying Hamlet has changed
“I did love you once” Hamlet
“I love you not” Hamlet-Ophelia didn’t say I love you back so he was embarrassed
“Get thee to a nunnery” Hamlet to Ophelia
“Where’s your father?” Hamlet-realized he was being watched so he goes off topic
“At home my lord” Ophelia-lies and says her dad is at home but Hamlet knows she is lying, he gave her the opportunity to tell the truth
“Heavenly powers restore him” Ophelia-wants the old Hamlet back
“God hath given you one face, and you make yourselves another.” Hamlet-women are 2 faced #yikes #truebrother
“Those that are married already, all but one, shall live” Hamlet-threatening Claudius
“O, what a noble mind is here o’erthrown!” Ophelia-Hamlet is nutzz part 2
“There’s something in his soul o’er which his melancholy sits on brood. King-a girl didn’t cause him to be nutzz
“I have in quick determination thus set it down: he shall with speed to England” King-knows Hamlet threatened him-sending Hamlet to England
“But yet do I believe the origin and commencement of his grief sprung from neglected love” Polonius-holding onto his theory about love #yourewrong
“After the play let his queen- mother all alone entreat him to show his grief” Polonius-have Gertrude talk to Hamlet in her room
“Madness in great ones must not unwatched go.” King-Hamlet is smart so he needs to be watched
Another name for the play within the play? The mousetrap
Why does Hamlet call the play within the play a mousetrap? he is going to use his scene he made to catch Claudius, calling him a rat
When does Claudius react? when the poison is poured into the person’s ear
After Claudius rises what does he do? -calls the play off-tells everyone to leave
“O good Horatio, I’ll take the ghost’s word for a thousand pound” Hamlet-believes ghost
“Let me be cruel, not unnatural. I will speak daggers to her, nut use none.” Hamlet-won’t physically hurt Gertrude but he will emotionally
Who is taking Hamlet to England? the queers
“Therefore prepare you. I your commission will forthwirth dispatch, and he to England shall along with you.” King-the queers are bring Ham to England
What is the King’s soliloquy about? his confession
“Pray can I not” Shakespeare doesn’t let his guilty characters pray
“What of this cursed hand were thicker than itself with brother’s blood/ Is there not rain enough in the sweet heavens to wash it white as snow?” King-Macbeth also says “will rain wash my hands clean”
“Yet what can it, when one cannot repent?” King-trying to ask for forgiveness
What does the climax of the play show about Hamlet? his tragic flaw- procrastination because he missed the opportunity to kill the king
“and so he foes to heaven” Hamlet-he thinks Claudius will go to heaven because he is praying
Why does Hamlet put his sword back? -starts to think about Claudius killing KH-KH didn’t have the chance to pray-Hamlet wants to send Claudius to hell!!!!!!!!!!!
Why does Hamlet leave? he keeps over thinking
When does Hamlet want to kill Claudius? when Claudius is sinning
“Words without thoughts never to heaven go” King-couldn’t pray
Who is hiding behind the curtains when Hamlet and Gertrude are talking? Polonius
Where are Gertrude and Ham talking? her room
“Hamlet, thou hast thy father much offended” Queen-talking about Claudius
“Mother, you have my father much offended” Hamlet-talking about KH
“Come, come, and sit you down” Hamlet-pushes her down so she listens-gertrude poops herself, v scared
How does Polonius die? Gertrude starts screaming for help and Polonius makes a noise so Hamlet stabbed him thinking it was Claudius
“Nay, I know not. Is it the King? Hamlet-hoping it was the King behind the curtain who he killed
Why is Ham considered a murderer? -killed a human being-not in battle
Who is in the 2 pictures Hamlet is holding?Why? KH and Claudius- he is comparing them to show Gertrude how much better his dad was
Who does Hamlet refer to his dad to? many different gods
“What devil was’t that thus hath cozened you at hoodman-blind?” Hamlet to Gertrude-What devil tricked you into marrying Claudius
“O Hamlet, speak no more” Gertrude-she is hurt by Ham’s words #good
“These words like daggers enter in my ears” Gertrude
“Alas, he’s mad” Gertrude-thinks Hamlet is crazy for talking to empty space
Why does Gertrude think Ham is talking to empty space? he is talking to the ghost but she can’t see him
“Do not forget. This visitation is but to whet thy almost blunted purpose” Ghost-reminding Hamlet what he needs to do
“My father, in his habit as he lived!” Hamlet-Ghost is dressed in what he used to wear
Why does Hamlet become the adult? he is giving advice to his mom who is acting like she is 3#growup
“It is not madness that I have uttered” Hamlet-I’m not crazy
What advice does Hamlet give to Gertrude? Something bad is going to happen so fix yourself before it does
“O Hamlet, thou hast cleft my heart in twain!” Gertrude-you have broken my heart
“Refrain tonight, and that shall lend a kind of easiness to the next abstinence” Hamlet-slowly distance yourself
“For this same lord I do repent” Hamlet-he is sorry that he was the guy who killed Polonius
“I have no life to breathe what thou hast said to me” Gertrude-she promises she won’t repeat that talk about Claudius
“Who was in life a foolish prating knave” Hamlet-about Polonius
Identify the lines that demonstrate for the first time that King Claudius is feeling guilty for the act he committed.
Summarize Hamlet’s famous soliloquy from this scene He is questioning whether it is better to live or not. He decides not to kill himself because he doesn’t know where he would go after her killed himself. Theme: suicide and his fears
Why does Hamlet say “Get thee to a nunnery” Hamlet was mad at Ophelia because she didn’t say I love you back. If he can’t have her than no one can
What does Ophelia assume after her meeting with Hamlet? Hamlet is crazy
Does King Claudius come to the same conclusion as Polonius about HAmlet’s behavior? Claudius thinks there is something deep in Hamlet’s soul
Discuss King Claudius’ reaction to the play. What is Hamlet now convinced of? King Claudius stands up and calls off the play. Hamlet knows Claudius killed King Hamlet and the ghost was telling the truth
How does Hamlet treat the queers at the end of this scene?Why? Hamlet tells them they can’t fool him because they are trying to play him.
What is Hamlet’s plan at the end of the scene? His plan is to speak daggers but use none towards Gertrude
What is Claudius so upset about? He feels GUILTY for killing King Hamlet and he is unable to pray for forgiveness.
What would Claudius have to do to be forgiven? He would have to give everything back
From Claudius’ soliloquy, what do we learn about his state of mind? He feels guilty
What causes Hamlet to not act on Claudius? Hamlet thinks Claudius will go to heaven because he is praying and wants Claudius to go to hell.
Why does Polonius hide in the curtains? He wants to know why Hamlet is crazy
What happens to Polonius? Ham kills him
What does Hamlet’s reaction say about his state of mind? it shows Hamlet doesn’t care and now he acts irrationally
What happens between Hamlet and Gertrude? He accuses her of being lustful. She is hurt emotionally
Why does Hamlet think the ghost reappears? to remind him of what he has to do
What does Hamlet ask his mother not to do again? don’t sleep with Claudius and start to distance yourself