Hamlet Act 2: Scene 1-2

And thus do we of wisdom and of reach,By indirections find directions out.(Scene 1) Speaker: PoloniusTo: Reynaldo (his servant)Meaning: Saying that to find out the truth about people (in this case Hamlet) is to lie
This is the very ecstasy of love.(Scene 1) Speaker: PoloniusTo: OpheliaMeaning: He thinks Hamlet is madly in love with Ophelia after he acts crazy to her
I doubt it no other but the main—His father’s death and our o’erhasty marriage.(Scene 2) Speaker: QueenTo: King (Claudius)Meaning: Why she thinks her son (Hamlet) is acting strange/ crazy
Brevity is the soul of wit.(Scene 2) Speaker: PoloniusTo: Queen
More matter with less art.(Scene 2) Speaker: Queen (Gertrude)To: PoloniusMeaning: Cut to the chase (says this after he rambled on about Hamlet and Ophelia)
You are a fishmonger.(Scene 2) Speaker: HamletTo: PoloniusMeaning: He called Polonius a fishermen (a.k.a. a pimp)
Though this be madness, yet there is a method in’t.(Scene 2) Speaker: PoloniusTo: HimselfMeaning: Hamlet isn’t completely crazy, but witty
How pregnant sometimes his replies are.(Scene 2) Speaker: PoloniusTo: HimselfMeaning: Hamlet isn’t completely crazy, but witty
In the secret parts of Fortune? O, most true. Sheis a strumpet.(Scene 2) Speaker: HamletTo: Guildenstern and Rosencrantz Meaning: Personification of ‘Lady Luck’ speaking of the private parts of Fortune
There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.(Scene 2) Speaker: HamletTo: Rosencrantz Meaning: We live in our own reality and its all about perspective
What a piece of work is a man.(Scene 2) Speaker: HamletTo: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Use every man after his desert and whoshall ‘scape whipping? Use them after yourown honor and dignity.(Scene 2) Speaker: HamletTo: HimselfMeaning: Upon seeing a player (actor) he is in awe of the players ability to feel emotion
What’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba,That he should weep for her?(Scene 2) Speaker: HamletTo: HimselfMeaning: Jealous that the actor can feel so emotional over a fake character while he can’t feel emotion himself with real people
The spirit that I have seenMay be a devil, and the devil hath powerT’ assume a pleasing shape.(Scene 2) Speaker: HamletTo: HoratioMeaning: Explaining that the ghost (late king) might be a good ghost
The play’s the thingWherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.(Scene 2) Speaker: HamletTo: HimselfMeaning: Claudius (King) freaked out over the play, possibly revealing Claudius’ guilt of killing his brother