Hamlet Act 2 quiz review

Act 2 opens in a room in Polonius’ house, two months after_____ has seen his father’s ghost. Hamlet
Where does Polonius send Reynaldo and why does he send him there? Paris–to spy on Laertes and gather information
How does Polonius want Reynaldo to find out the information about Laertes? He will tell lies about Laertes behavior to see if people there agree that those things are happening.
What has Hamlet done that frightens Ophelia?Describe Hamlet’s appearance. Hamlet came into her room looking very out of sorts, almost like a ghost.no hat, unbuttoned shirt, dirty stockings around his ankles, pale/knees knocking together
What did Ophelia think was wrong with Hamlet? She is afraid Hamlet has gone mad due to his love for her…because she obeyed her father and wouldn’t see him and sent his letters back.
Why does Polonius go to see the King after the incident with Hamlet and Ophelia? to tell the king and queen he knows why Hamlet is ‘crazy’–he’s love crazed for Ophelia
Who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Hamlet’s childhood friends
Why has the King sent for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? to spend time with Hamlet and to see if they can get him to have some fun, and see if they can find out what’s bothering him.
Which character brings Claudius news from Norway? Voltemand
What news does Voltemand bring from Norway? That the king of Norway thought his nephew, Fortinbras, had planned to attack Poland but found out he planned to attack Denmark.
What request does Norway make of Denmark? to march their troops through Denmark on the way to Poland
What does Gertrude mean when she says to Polonius, “more matter with less art”? stick to the point (He’s talking too much. She wants him to tell them why he thinks Hamlet is mad.)
When telling the king and queen why he thinks Hamlet is ‘mad’, Polonius uses the phrase, “Brevity is the soul of wit…I will be brief.” How is this ironic? He is not brief at all! He talks a lot before he finally tells the king and queen why he thinks hamlet has gone mad.
To what does Polonius attribute Hamlet’s madness? Ophelia rejected Hamlet by not seeing him or accepting his messages or gifts
Hamlet repeatedly questions Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about their reasons for visiting him. What does he finally get them to admit? that they were brought in to spy on him to figure out if he’s insane
What play does Hamlet ask the players to perform on the following night? What does he want the player to add to it? The Murder of Gonzago (It’s a play where a king is murdered.)a speech of 12-16 lines he composed
Why does Hamlet want the actors to perform the play, “The Murder of Gonzago”? so he can watch Claudius and see if he shows signs of guilt when he watches the actors perform. If he looks guilty, then Hamlet will be convinced he killed Hamlet’s father.
What does Hamlet mean when he says these words?”The play’s the thingWherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king”? He hopes to see Claudius show guilt when he sees the play so that Hamlet will know for sure he killed Hamlet’s father.