Hamlet ACT 2 and 3 Plot

Spies on his kids Polonius
No words at first all. Does something crazy to get response out of polonius Ophelia
Thinks denied access to Ophelia is what is making him mad Polonius
are spies for their own benefits Reynaldo and G
smart about why Hamlet is upset Queen
Thinks that Prince fortinbra is planning an Army
Talks a lot Polonius
Demands a love letter from Ophelia Polonius
Evasive about giving love letter Ophelia
Intentions about his love are unknown Hamlet
what would you think if I just waited around while they got more intimate Polonius
Thinks Hamlet is mad because of love Polonius
Disagrees with Hamlet being mad because of love Claudius
Thinks Polonius is a fishmonger Hamlet
Talks to the king and queen about Hamlet Polonius
Who suggests to go to the play? The king
Does Hamlet say goodnight good moon to his mom? NOooo
Who reminds Hamlet that the real purpose in life is to avenge his father’s murder? The ghost
When Hamlet comes to kill him is it the praying that he will go to heaven that stops him from killing him? Yes or no Yes
When Hamlet calls Ophelia two faced for plotting with Claudius and Polonius what does he tell her? To go to a nunnery
King does not buy that it is the love that makes him like this– thinks it is something else and if it is– he knows too much and poses a threatT or F T
Does the king think the play is a bad idea and ironic? No, thinks it is a good idea
Do the king and queen care what is wrong with Hamlet? Yes
hamlet thinks the world is a good place? Yes, but he also thinks it is trash and garbage at times
Who does hamlet tell why they were sent? rosencrantz and guildenstern
Why are the king and queen deceived Because he is mad when he is in a n unfriendly wind, but he is happy when he is with a friendly wind.
Upset becausee someone has wild-eyed, and accosted her Ophelia
Sends spies to find about Laertes life Polonius
Concerned about Hamlet’s erratic behavior as his friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Want to cheer Hamlet out of his Melancholy King and Queen
Declares the prince is made with love for Ophelia Polonius
Tell the queen about Hamlet’s enthusiasm behavior Rosencrantz and Guildenstern,
Are the reporters on hamlet Rosencrantz and Guildenstern,
Debates on whether to commit suicide Hamlet
Tells Hamlet that they are returning the token of love Ophelia
Denounces Ophelia Hamlet
Thinks that Hamlet melancholy is like on the peak waiting to hatch Claudius
Decides to send Hamlet to England Claudius
Has a chamber Gertrude
Calling most of the shots throughout the play polonius
Watches Claudius during the play Horatio
IS the first person to hear Hamlet’s theory about Claudius killing his father Horatio
Is Claudius’s guilt detector Horatio
Torments Ophelia with a string of erotic puns Hamlet
Flees the room Claudious
Ask about the cause of hamlets distemper Rosencrantz
Escorts Hamlet to the queen Polonius
Expresses guilt and fried over his sin Claudius
Wants forgiveness, but wants power more Claudius
Falls to his knees and begins to pray Claudius
Chooses not to kill claudius because he is praying hamlet
Hamlet wants to recite the play because it is similar to how he feels trying to a avenge the death True
The actor Hecuba actually has a meaning to Hamlet false
Hamlet thinks Denmark and the world is a prison True
Hamlet loves the players and quotes the part about avenging death True
Hamlet wants to add a scene to see what Claudius does and will watch him False, Horatio will watch him
Claudius shows sign of change throughout the acts and actually wants to change
To be or not to be is a suiciide contemplation True, we do not know what death is, is it worth than life.
Ophelia does not know where her father is False
Hamlet goes off on her because she lies about where her father is True, her is ophelia
Ophelia believes his love the entire time false, now she thinks he is a crazy ass bitvh
Why does Hamlet continue to tell Horatio stuff? He is apollonian and not overcome with passion
Rosencrants and Guilderstern go to Hamlet because they want to False, it is Polonius’s plan
Hamlet has no clue they are trying to trick him False, he knows just he is going along with it
When Hamlet goes to his mom he has no intention to hurt her? True, just wants to make her geel guilty by herself
Queen thinks he is crazy because she cannot see the ghost true
Hamlet LOVES WRITING, ACTING, THEATER… hes a great fan of these players True
In the play the man cuts off an ear just like the death of hamlet’s dad T or F False
Voltemand and cornelius The ambassadors to find out about fortinbras
Gives a generous gift to fortinbras for behaving Old norway
T or F, fortinbras can levy war against denmark but not norway False, given money not to. He is levied to attack norway
Declares the approval for fortinbras to pass through denmark Claudius
Reads between the lines of hamlets emotions Polonius
hamlet makes guilderstern and rosencrantz admit the queen sent them t or f tru
Hamlet insist on hearing a speech from the player true
Hamlet asks a player if he knows the murder of gonzalo true
Who does hamlet announce his plan to? Horatio and the ghost
Is hamlet sure that king claudius will show guilt during the play yes he is
To be or not to be is the most famous speech in literature true
T or FHamlet talks to ophelia questioning honesty and her lying causes him to berate her True
The king thinks hamlet is mad Falsethe king believe hamlet is tormented for some hidden reason
T or FPolonius suggest that claudius should have a private interview with hamlet and his mother true
The play hamlet is casting begins with a smart showT or F False, a dumb show which is a pantomime of drama to come
When the king erupts hamlet and horatio laughT or F true
Hamlet compares himself to being played like a pipeT or F True
Gives rosencrantz and guildenstern an envelope Claudius
Hamlet decides to never kill claudius False, he sees him praying and decides he will kill him later
Polonius is awaiting hamlet’s arrival behind gertrude’s curtainT or F True
Gertrude misinterprets hamlet for going to murder her at first true
Who does Hamlet think he kills behind the curtain? Claudius
Why does hamlet kill him? He is behind the curtain
Who does hamlet actually kill? Polonius
Does hamlet tell his mother he is insane? Yes
Does Hamlet listen to the ghost? Yes