Hamlet Act 2/3

Polonius’ Servant Reynaldo
Who tells Reynaldo to go to Paris to spy on Laertes Polonius
What does Polonius tell Reynaldo to do in Paris? talk to various people and try to get them to say bad things about Laertes
Polonius tells Reynaldo to be sure not to ______ accuse Laertes of anything that could hurt his reputation
Who tells Polonius that Hamlet came to them acting crazy? Ophelia
Why does Polonius believe Hamlet has gone crazy? because Ophelia rejected him
Who does Polonius tell about Hamlets insanity? Claudius
Why does Polonius now want Hamlet and Ophelia to get married? because he is crazy for her and he is heir to the throne
Who does Claudius get to spy on Hamlet? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Who tells Claudius the ambassadors of Norway have returned? Polonius
Why does Gertrude believe Hamlet has gone crazy? Old Hamlet’s death and the fast marriage
Who are Voltemand and Cornelius messengers that tell the news about Norway
What did Old Norway say about Young Fortinbras plans that he didn’t know
Where did Old Norway believe Young Fortinbras was going to attack? Poland
What did Old Norway do to stop Young Fortinbras? Gave him soldiers and money to attack Poland
What is the condition of the agreement with Old Norway? they must allow Young Fortinbras to travel through Denmark
What does Polonius show to Gertrude and Claudius a love letter from Hamlet to Ophelia
Does Claudius believe Hamlets love for Ophelia is the cause of his lunacy? no
Why does Gertrude believe Polonius about the letter? bc she believes in love
What does Polonius say the king can do if he is lying? cut his head off
What do Claudius and Polonius plan to do? spy on Hamlet from behind a tapestry
Hamlet talks to himself about how he doesn’t have any ________ bc he hasn’t _____________ guts, killed the king for his father
Hamlet puts on a play to attempt to do what? see if claudius is really guilty
Who invites the king and queen to Hamlet’s play? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
“To be or not to be” is hamlet debating what? suicide
Hamlet tells ophelia what he doesn’t love her
Where does Claudius want to send Hamlet? England
why does Claudius want to send Hamlet to england? so the king of England can kill him
Polonius wants who to talk to Hamlet alone to get him to open up Gertrude
who pours poison into the kings ear in the play Lucianus
What does Claudius do when he sees the play stops it
Who tells Hamlet that Claudius is mad and Gertrude wants to speak to him alone Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Who delivers the news of Hamlet going to Gertrude Polonius
Why can’t Claudius pray he isn’t sorry
Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius when he is kneeling “praying” bc then he will go to heaven and that’s not fair
Who does Hamlet kill Polonius
Who did Hamlet intend to kill Claudius
Who did Hamlet pull his sword out at to reveal the hidden person Gertrude
Hamlet could kill because he acted on ________ not _________ emotions, reason
When Gertrude asks what she has done wrong to deserve this Hamlet compares who? Old Hamlet and Claudius
What sin does Gertrude confess adultry
what does the ghost want Hamlet to do? stop yelling at gertrude
Why does Gertrude think Hamlet is crazy in act 3 bc she can’t see the ghost he is talking to
What does Hamlet tell Gertrude to do? Confess her sins and not go to bed with Claudius
Gertrude tells Hamlet what after their private meeting? she has switched sides
Gertrude promises Hamlet what she will not tell the king of anything that happened
Who are the letters between Claudius and King of England
What do the letters say? Tell King of England to kill Hamlet
What does Hamlet plan to do with the information about the letters? use it against them