Hamlet Act 2

at the beginning of scene 1 who is Polonius talking to reynaldo
what does Polonius ask Reynaldo at the beginning of scene 1 to spy on his son Laertes
why is it ironic that Polonius is asking Reynaldo to spy on his son Polonius dies by spying (on Hamlet)
what does Polonius’ spying on Laertes show about their relationship there is a lack of trust between Polonius and Laertes
why does Polonius have Reynaldo spy on Laertes – to see what people are in denmark- to find out about how Laertes is acting (he wants to make sure he is not tainting Polonius’ reputation)
what does Polonius say Reynaldo should do when he is inquiring about Laertes behavior he can spread rumor about Laertes to see if anyone affirms them, but he doesn’t want him spreading rumors so bad that they may dishonor Laertes (its okay to suggest…. look for people’s reactions)
‘Give him this money and these notes, Reynaldo’ Polonius to Reynaldobefore he asks him to spy on Laertes
‘before you visit him, to make inquire of his behavior’ Polonius to Reynaldohe is asking Reynaldo to spy on Laertes, see how he is behaving
‘”and in part him – but” you may say, “not well but if’t be he I mean, he’s very wild, addicted so and so'” Polonius to Reynaldosaying he can make up lies about Laertes, ‘i know him not well though but he is crazy and addicted’
‘there put on him what forgeries you please; marry, none so rank as may dishonor him, take heed of that’ Polonius to Reynaldosaying he can make up lies but none so bad that they dishonor him
‘marry, sir, here’s my drift, and i believe it is a fetch of wit’ Polonius to Reynaldohe is saying he thinks he is very smart and this plan is very smart so listen up
what does this quote underscore:’and then, sir, does ‘a this — ‘a does — what was i about to say?’ Polonius to Reynaldoasking what he was sayingthis underscores Polonius’s character, he’s very full of himself, he is checking to see if Reynaldo is paying attention and it makes Polonius’s conversation seem less leading (like its casual and he didn’t rehearse it or anything” he does this bc he doesn’t want Reynaldo to suspect Polonius’ selfish motives (that he is seeing if Laertes is tainting his own reputation)
‘see you now, your bait of falsehood take this carp of truth and thus do we of wisdom and of reach with windlasses and with assays of bias’ Polonius to Reynaldo by plating a lie he will find the truth bait of falshood metaphorical for ‘fishing’ for the truth and take this carp of truth metaphorical for take this piece of truth (basically its metaphorical for in lying you will receive the truth, the bait is the lie and the truth is the fish you reel in)metaphor
‘by indirections find directions out’ Polonius to Reynaldo by going around and lying we will find the truth indirections ; directionsantithesis
‘observe his inclination in yourself’ Polonius to Reynaldobut also observe him directly and find out his behavior
when Ophelia enters after Reynaldo leaves (towards the beginning of scene 1) what syntactical does she use periodic sentence; show how frantic and in distress she is, she is rambling, and words are just pouring out of her mouth
what does ophelia say in her periodic sentence after Reynaldo leaves (towards the beginning of scene 1) that Hamlet came to her in her closet all disheveled, pale, and a mess, he stared at her and touched her face, and then left still staring at her
what is Polonius’ response to Ophelia’s frantic rambling periodic sentence very selfish response, and not very fatherlyhe asks is he was mad with love for Ophelia
what conclusion does Polonius jump to when Ophelia comes in and hysterically says that Hamlet came to her all disheveled that Hamlet is going mad and acting out because he loves Ophelia (remember Ophelia was to ignore him, and absence makes the heart grow fonder)
‘and with a look so piteous in purport as if he had been loosed out of hell to speak of horrors — he comes before me’ ophelia to PoloniusHamlet came to her horrifically all undone as if he gone to hell and back
‘he falls to such perusal of my face as ‘a would it’ Opehlia to Poloniusdescribing the way that hamlet was looking at her, as if he were an artist about to draw her face
‘that done, he lets me go, and with his head over his shoulder turned he seem’d to find his way without his eyes, for out a’ doors he went without their helps’ Ophelia to Poloniussaying that Hamlet left the room without taking his eyes off of Ophelia
what change do we see in Polonius’ language from when Ophelia rushes in to when they begin having their conversation about Hamlet he begins with thy and eventually uses you with Ophelia, they are not having a familial conversation (nor do we ever really see them converse in a fatherly daughterly conversation)
what might Hamlet been thinking when he studying Ophelia’s face whether or not he could trust her with the sensitive information about his father’s ghost
what does Polonius want to do after Ophelia describes her and Hamlet’s interaction he wants to go to the king and explain to him that Hamlet’s love for Ophelia is what is causing him to be mad
‘i will go seek the king. this is the very ecstasy of love’ Polonius to Opheliahe wants to go tell the king that Hamlet is mad with love for Ophelia
‘that does afflict our natures, i am sorry – what, have you given him any hard words of late?’ first of all Polonius told Ophelia not to talk to Hamlet, he is an idoitPolonius to OpheliaPolonius inquires Ophelia if she has said anything mean that could have pushed him over the edge into this madness
‘he seem’d to find his way without his eyes, for out a’ doors he went without their helps’ Ophelia to PoloniusHamlet left without taking his eyes off of OpheliaOphelia is explaining the manner of Hamlet’s visitation to herpersonification of the eyes (he left the room without the help of his eyes)
‘no, my good lord, but as you did command i did repel his letters and denied his access to me’ Ophelia to PoloniusOphelia is responding to Polonius’ question of whether or not she said anything mean to himshe hasn’t said anything mean, but she did what Polonius asked, didn’t reply to his letters and didn’t let him visit her
‘that hath mad him mad’ Polonius to Ophelia Polonius just asked Ophelia if she ever said anything mean and she said she didn’t she only ignored him as Polonius askedPolonius is saying this ignoring is what made Hamlet mad
‘this must be known, which, being kept close, might more grief to hide, than hate to utter love’ Polonius to Ophelia he knows what has made hamlet mad he feels they need to tell the king, hiding this could cause more grief to than love from hateslant rhyme – looks like it should rhyme but it does not (love and move)comparison
who is Claudius talking to at the beginning of scene 2 (who else is present) and what does he ask of them Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and he wants them to spy on HamletQueen Gertrude is also present
what does Claudius use that signals ingenuine speech you as he welcomes Rosencratz and Guildenstern
‘the need we have to use you did provoke’ Claudius to Rosencrantz and Guildensternwhen he is welcoming the two menwe have a reason for you two guys to be here inverted syntax (emphasizes the need = Hamlet’s problem)
who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern friends of Hamlet
why does Claudius want to spy on Hamlet he wants to know what is othering Hamlet and if it effect him in any way (like if he knows he killed his father)
‘what is should be, more than his father’s death, that thus hath put him so much th’ understanding of himself i cannot dream of.’ Claudius to Rosencrantz and Guildensternhe is saying he has a job for the two guyshe wants to know whats wrong with Hamlet and i cant imagine whats wrong that is more than the death of his father
what is difference between Claudius and Gertrude when they address R and G Claudius addresses the problem firstGertrude addresses the friendship first
‘good gentlemen, he hath talked much about you’ Gertrude to R and Gwhen they are asking if R and G can spy on hamletshe is welcoming them
‘your visitation shall receive such thanks as fits a king’s remembrance’ Gertrude to R and Gwhen they are asking if R and G can spy on hamletshe is saying if they follow through they will get some sort of reward whether monetary or a job well done award
‘put your dread pleasures more into command than to entreaty’ Rosencrantz to Claudius and Gertrudethey are responding to the question of whether or not they can spy on Hamlethe says they will put this desire into to action
‘but we both obey, and here give up ourselves in the full bent, to lay our service freely at you feet, to be commanded Guildenstern to Claudius and Gertrudethey are responding to the question of whether or not they can spy on Hamlethe says they will do whatever they command that they will obey their orders (they give in so easily)
“thanks, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern” Claudius to the boysafter they agree to helpClaudius thanks the boys
‘thanks Guildenstern and Rosencrantz’ Gertrude to the boysafter they agree to helpGertrude thanks the boys
what is the difference between the thank you of Claudius and the thank you of Gertrude Claudius calls the boys the wrong names, shows he doesn’t care, and gertrude thanks them with the correct names
‘heavens make our presence and our practices Pleasant and helpful to him!’ Guildenstern to the king and queenapostrophe calling out to Godalliteration of the letter p (prayerful tone)
when Polonius enters what does he say at first the embassadors have returned
‘i have found the very cause for Hamlet’s lunacy’ Polonius to Claudius after he has entered and made himself seem all great he announces that he knows what has driven Hamlet mad
‘give first admittance to the embassadors my news shall be the fruit to that feast’ Polonius to ClaudiusClaudius has just asked for what is causing Hamlet’s lunacyPolonius wants to wait, build anticipation, and find out what happened with the ambassadors before he shares his piece of juicy news metaphor his news will be dessert, like a sweet treat, to the more important news (but my news is more sought after wink wink)
‘i doubt it is no other but the main, his father’s death and our [o’erhasty] marriage’ Gertrude to Claudiusin response to Claudius saying that Polonius knows why Hamlet is madGertrude is just saying that it is probably the usual out marriage and his father’s death
what does Voltemond report that young Fortinbras will simply just pass through Denmark and will not attack, Old Norway (the uncle) gave him some money (threescore thousand crowns in annual fee) in order to keep him from attacking Denmark, but Claudius just needs to look at some note that he probably needs to sign or at least acknowledge
what is the kings response the Voltemond’s news he brushes it off so that he can hear Polonius’ news
‘and at more consider’d time we’ll read, answer, and think upon this business’ Claudius to VoltmondVoltemond has just explained how Fortinbras is not going to attackClaudius says okay we can discuss this at a later date bc he wants to hear Polonius’ news about Hamlet
‘mad i call it’ Polonius to Claudius and Gertrudein his long speech where he talks about what has mad Hamlet crazyHamlet is madinverted syntax (puts emphasis on mad, and himself recognizing hamlet is mad)
what does Polonius use to say what is going on with Hamlet and his madness a very long and drawn out sentence in order to draw attention to himself, and make himself and the matter he is talking about seem important
‘my liege and madam to expostulat what majesty should be what duty is why day is day and night night and time is time’ Polonius to king and queenafter Voltemond explains the diplomatic matters he begins his long sentence where he explains what has made Hamlet madmy king and queen to elaborate what you should be what my duty is why things are what they are… he is just making it extravagant in order to make himself seem important and to make the matter he is talking about seem important
‘your noble son is mad: mad i call it, for to define true madness, what is’t but to be nothing else but mad? but let that go.” Polonius to king and queenafter Voltemond explains the diplomatic matters he begins his long sentence where he explains what has made Hamlet madhe is saying Hamlet is mad and then asks what it is to be mad.. he is just making it extravagant in order to make himself seem important and to make the matter he is talking about seem important
‘more matter less art’ Gertrude to PoloniusPolonius is saying his long sentence where he explains what has made Hamlet madand Gertrude wants him to get to the pointmore substantial words and less fluff
’tis true tis tru tis pity and pity tis tis true –‘ Polonius to king and queenafter Gertrude asked him to use less art in his speechthis is true true and pitifultricolon
what is Polonius trying to accomplish with his over the top language and sentences draws attention to himself and makes himself seem important even though it actually accomplishes the opposite
what does Polonius read to the king and queen to show that Hamlet is mad with love for Ophelia a letter written by Hamlet to Ophelia
‘i have a daughter – have while she is mine – who in her duty and obedience, mark, hath given me this. now gather, and surmise’ Polonius to the kind and queenhe is explaining why Hamlet is made here he is explaining that his daughter, Ophelia, gave him this (a letter) to show that his madness is due to his love for Ophelia
what does Polonius showing off Ophelia and Hamlet’s love letter show about his relationship with Ophelia shows that Polonius does not respect Opehlia’s privacy, he makes fun of some of the words in the letter
‘that’s an ill phrase, a vile phrase, ‘beautified’ is a vile phrase. But you shall hear’ Polonius to the king and queenhe is about to read the letter from Hamlet to Ophelia calling you beautiful, its all a lie, but you will soon hear this
‘what do you think of me?’ Polonius to the king and queenhe wants to genuinely know what Claudius thinks of him
‘thence to a watch, thence into a weakness, thence into a lightness’ Polonius to the king and the queenthence thence thencethe words paint a picture of an uncontrollable spiral downwardsexplaining how Hamlet fell, watch, weakness, and then to the lightness and madness he is in nowanaphora
‘what might you think, when i had seen this hot love on the wing – as i perceived it (i must tell you that) Polonius to the king and queenafter Claudius reaffirms his stature Polonius explains that he would never not tell Claudius about their love, he would feel like he is hiding something
‘hath there been such a time – i would fain know that – that i have positively said, ’tis so,’ when it prov’d otherwise?” Polonius to the king and queen after Polonius explains that he would tell Claudius of Hamlets and Ophelia’s love no matter whathas there ever been a time when i told you something that was untrue
‘take this from this (pointing at head), if this be otherwise. if circumstances lead me, i will find where truth is hid, though it were hid indeed within the centre’ Polonius to the king and queen after Polonius points out he has never been wrongtake my head from me if i am wrong about Hamlet’s madness
‘i’ll loose my daughter to him’ Polonius to king and queen after Polonius says that they can take his head if he is wrong about Hamlet’s madness and while he is explaining his plan to see if they are in lovehe will release his daughter (as if he is in control of her fully) to Hamlet
‘let me be no assistant for a state, but keep a farm and carters” Polonius to king and queen after Polonius says that they can take his head if he is wrong about Hamlet’s madness and while he is explaining his plan to see if they are in lovesend me to be a farmer if i am wrong (farmer is a bad thing i guess)
‘do you know me my lord? Polonius to HamletPolonius just finished speaking to the king and queen about their news he is asking Hamlet if he knows him
‘excellent well, you are a fishmonger’ Hamlet to Polonius Polonius asks is Hamlet knows who he is, Hamlet says that he does and that he is a fishmongera fishmonger is a derogatory term
when Hamlet asks if Polonius is honest what is his response, and what is Hamlet’s response to this that he is honestHamlet says one and ten thousand men are honest
‘for if the sun breed maggots in a dead dog, being a good kissing carrion – have you a daughter?’ Hamlet to PoloniusPolonius and Hamlet have just begun conversing after Polonius decrees the plan to spy on ophelia and Hamletdead dog = decay = Denmarkthe maggots = the people of denmark Denmark is full of death and decaymetaphor
‘let her not walk i’ th’ sun. conception is a blessing, but as your daughter may conceive, friend, look to’t’ Hamlet to PoloniusPolonius and Hamlet have just begun conversing after Polonius decrees the plan to spy on ophelia and Hamletson and sun pun breed as in conception as in thought and making a childdouble punthought is a blessing but e careful you daughter could also get pregnant from another manthis pun goes over Polonius’ head and he doesnt understand the joke Hamlet is making
after hamlet throws some puns and higher level english at Polonius what does he say slash do that reaffirms that all of Hamlet’s language went over his head he has an aside where says how can he talk about my daughter and not know who i am, he is truly crazy then he asks him what he is reading
‘whats the matter, my lord”between who?’ PoloniusHamletprose – trying to convince Polonius he is mad – character psychology
what does prose signify denotes social classcharacter psychologydenotes a change in mood
what does hamlet say he is reading about old men, and goes on to describe Polonius
‘though this be madness, yet there is method in’t – will you walk out of the air, my lord?’ Polonius to himselfafter Hamlet describes that he is reading a book about old men that look like himHamlet is speaking some truth even though he has gone mad
‘into my grave’ hamlet to polonius polonius asks him to step outside and Hamlet says that outside is his grave, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for Hamlet
‘a happiness that often madness hits on, which reason and sanity could not so prosperously be delicer’d of’ Polonius to himselfafter polonius asks him to step outsidesometimes people who lose their conscious awareness of the world around them and they are happier than they would be if they had that awareness – Hamlet has lost his sanity so he has gained this oblious happiness
‘you cannot take from me any thing that i will not more willingly part withal – except my life, except my life, except my life.’ Hamlet to Polonius after Polonius says he is going to leave (or take his leave) Hamlet says he cant take away anything from him, but his life, underscores his desire for deathanaphora
‘These tedious old fools!’ hamlet to Polonius after Polonius bids his farewell we know Hamlet is just playing a game he isn’t actually mad
what does Hamlet use when he first speaks to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern thou and then immediately uses you, he uses you because he is suspect as to why these two guys are therehe is still pleasant but he pulls back because of suspicionstheir conversation is all in prose
strumpet slut
‘happy, in that we are not over-happy on fortune’s cap we are not the very button Guildenstern to hamletR and G are happy but not too happy, they are happy but not the button on fortune’s hatpersonifying fortune
‘none my lord but the world’s grown honest’ rosencrantz to hamletr and g are talking to Hamlet about how they have been (first encounter after talking with the king and queen)he thinks the world is honest
Why then it’s none to you for there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so to me it is a prisoner Hamlet to r and ghe is overthinking everythinguniversal trutha small thing becomes monumental when you overthink about itthinking is what makes certain things good or bad, and for him he has overthought and Denmark is a bad place for him
But in the Beaton way of friendship what make you at elsinore Hamlet to rosencrantz and guildenstern They have talked with each otherBut why are you here
Were you not sent for? is it your own inclining? is it a free visitation? Hamlet to r and gWhy are you hereBombarding then with questions, rapid firing of questions this is unsettling
I could be bounded in a nutshell and a count myself a king of infinite space – were it not that I have bad dreams HamletAntithesis
I know the good King and queen have sent for you Hamlet to r and hhe knows they have been sent but he wants to know why, sadly r and g don’t really know the truth behind their task
By what more dear a better prosper can charge you withal be even and direct with me whether you were sent for or no! Hamlet to r and g He is trying to find out why they are thereHarken in him their friendshipWhy won’t you tell me the truth
Man delights not me nor women neither though by your smiling you to seem to say so Hamlet to r and gman does not live yo to what they were intended for both genders disappoints me (Ophelia’s unrequited love accounts for the women part)
When did he laugh then when I said man delights not me? Hamlet to r
Gentleman you are welcome to elsinore Hamlet to r and h
I am but mad north north west. When the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a hand saw Hamlet to r and gI will act crazy at calculated times, but i am not actually crazy (crafty mad)the king and queen are deceived and think i am mad bc Polonius
then is doomsday near. but your news not true let me question more in particular. what have you, my good friends deserved at the hands of fortune, that she sends to prison hither? hamlet to r and gafter Hamlet asks why they are here,he wants to know who sent them to this ‘prison’ denmark dungeonprison is a metaphor for Denmark
what is metadrama or metafiction when the author’s opinion comes into the playshakespeare does this with the traveling children
that great baby you see there is not yet out of his swaddling clouts Hamlet to Poloniusmeant to be an insult, this is prior to seeing the players – polonius has come to tell him the players have arrivedhe is saying that he has turned into an old man that is acting as a child
happily he is the second time come to them for they say an old man is twice a child rosencrantzmeant to be an insult, this is prior to seeing the players – polonius has come to tell him the players have arrivedan old man can become a baby again in their ways of thinking – oblivious like polonius is to these insults
buzz buzz hamlet to poloniusmeant to be an insult, this is prior to seeing the players – polonius has come to tell him the players have arrivedtell me something i dont already kow
how does polonius try to make himself seem smart he lists off all these different types of actors
oh jephthah judge of israel what a treasure hadst thou hamlet to polonius this is prior to seeing the players – polonius has come to tell him the players have arrivedHamlet is subtly suggesting that he knows that Polonius is ‘sacrificing’ Ophelia, the girl in the biblical story (she knows she will be sacrificed) went off for two months and she went crazy = Ophelia does the same
i have a daughter i love passing well polonius to hamletwhile talking about Jephthah, he thinks that hamlet is talking about his daughter, which he is but hamlet says no i am talking about jephthah
what does hamlet do when he sees the players, what does his initiate Hamlet asks for a taste of his speech, the players don’t really know what he is talking about, long story short Hamlet wants the story of Pyrrhus and Priam (Priam is killed be Pyrrhus to avenge his father’s death)
what story does hamlet want the players to tell pyrrhus and priampyrrhus killed priam to avenge pyrrhus’ father’s deathhe wants the players to tell this in front of CLaudius
in having the story of pyrrhus and priam told what does hamlet hope to gain the proof that Claudius killed his father, he will be moved by a scene identical to how he killed hamletand motivation to kill claudius
how does pyrrhus and priam parrallel to hamlet pyrrhus has initial hesitation to kill priam, but he does it all out (much like at the end of the sotry – foreshadowing)hecuba- he knows much like hecuba was upset so will gertrude be upset
but who ah woe had seen the mobled queen the first player to audience (hamlet Polonius)talking about hecuba parrallels to gertrude
when she saw pyrrhus make malicious sport in mincing with his sword her husbands limbs the instant burst of clamor that she made unless things mortal move them not at all would have made milch the burning eyes of heaven and passion in the gods the first playerHecuba was Priam’s wife: she was so distraught at her husband’s deathhyperbole
what does hamlet ask the players to perform for Claudius and what does he ask of them Hamlet asks that tomorrow he plays the murder of Gonzago with some of Hamlet’s own lines added in
whats hecuba to him or he to hecuba hamlet to himself after the players performed for himAsks himself rhetorical questions, how come the player can show all this emotion and passion for a fake play, and I have a real life situation and I cant must up any emotion or passionchiasmus
he would drown the stage with tears, and cleave the general ear with horrid speech hamlet to himselfagain after the players performed for himhe talks more about how the player can show all this emotion and passion for a fake play, and I have a real life situation and I cant must up any emotion or passionhyperbole – cant actual drown the stage with tearssynedoche – split the audience’s ear with this speech
upon whose property and most dear life a damned defeat was made. as i a coward? hamlet to himself after the players have performedhe has no motivation to kill the king who killed his father, which is defeated by, he lives in the property owned by the murderer of his father!!alliteration of d – gritting his teeth frustrated
catch the conscience of the king hamlet to himselfafter he has explained his plan as to how he will catch the king admitting to his deed and then he will in turn kill him after this is all affirmedalliteration of c – trap
what major tone shift do we see in hamlets soliloquy hating on himself to a very calculating speech where he will trap the king
a pleasing shape yea and perhaps as he is very potent with such spirits abuses me to damn me hamlet to himself as he is devising his plan he is acknowledging that maybe the ghost is actually a devil and that he needs to know claudius actually killed his father