Hamlet Act 2

Describe Hamlets appearance and behavior when he went to visit Ophelia He appears un prepared, messy.He grabs her by the wrist with full arm length and looked into her eyes with his hand over his eyes. Weirdly walks away while still looking at her.
What does Claudius want Rosencranz and Guilderstern to find out? Ordered them to find out what was wrong with Hamlet.
What are the actions Voltemand said the old king of Norway took against his young nephew Prince Fortinbras? Were they successful in stopping Fortinbra’s march on Denmark? The King of Norway (King Fortimbras) has sent an arrest warrant for his Nephew, Fortimbras. – He won’t go to war with Denmark-He asks for money and safe passage from Denmark to Poland
Why does Polonius stop reading the love letter Hamlet wrote? It becomes too inapropriate, sexual between Hamlet and Ophelia
Identify the three actions described by Polonius, beginning with “And then I gave her orders” Dont take messages from himDont take gifts from himDont even see him
Describe Polonius’ plan to test Hamlet. He sent Ophelia to see Hamlet, and to see how they act together.
How do you know that Polonius thinks Hamlet is mad from love? Polonius can recognize this because he has been through it too. Polonius experienced unrequited love before.
What is the logic in what Hamlet has to say about old men? “Old men are like crabs” If you could age backwards you would.
3 reasons Hamlet might consider Denmark the worst of prisons – He can’t trust his childhood friends
How do you think Hamlet figured out that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were sent for? These are Hamlets best friends, his longest friends, he can tell when they’re lying. Proves that they were sent to investigate him.
How does Hamlet describe Polonius to Guildenstern and Rosencrantz? A big baby in diapers.
How does Hamlet want to change the play “Murder of Gonzago” He wants to add 12 to 16 lines. He wants to have a reenactment of his fathers death, in hope that Claudius gets nervous to the point of confession.
Why does Hamlet call himself lazy, miserable, a coward, a villain? Why does he Call himself “Chicken-Livered”? His father wanted him to get revenge, but all he is done is cry and mope around depressed. Acting very cowardly.
What has Hamlet done instead of taking his revenge? Cry and mope around depressed, he also set up plan to change the play
In what way, during the performance of the play, will Hamlet entrap the “conscience of the king” Murder, and he wanted to surprise the king and make him feel guilty