Hamlet Act 2

What is Polonius’s purpose in sending Reynaldo to France? To follow Laerteas to find Nobles in France from Denmark, to make him known, make friends, spy on him, Gossip but don’t destroy him
How does Ophelia describe the appearance and condition of Hamlet in his interview with her? Disheveled, trashed, messed clothing; Grabbed her wrists and shakes, touchers her face in a way to say goodbye
Describe Hamlet’s effect upon Ophelia Makes her scared that her father was right all along about his intentions
To what does Polonius attribute the actions of Hamlet? He thinks that Hamlet feels rejected by Ophelia and think that’s any he is crazy now
Had Ophelia obeyed her father’s commands not to receive letters from Hamlet and to deny his seeing her Yes, she rejected his letters and motives towards her
Does Polonius become more certain that the attitude of Hamlet is due to love for Ophelia? He believes that Ophelia’s rejection has made him mad, he brings the issue to the king
What plan does the king scheme to learn the cause of Hamlet’s state? Have Rose and Guild spy on him
Who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Childhood friends and fools
What do Voltemand and Cornelius report? What request from Norway do the ambassadors bring? Fortinbras was arrested; asks to invade Poland but has to cross through Denmark to get there, asks the kingdom for permission. Plan is fake but gives passage. Uncle grants him with supports and money
According to Polonius, from where is Hamlet’s madness derived? Ophelia’s rejection
Explain Polonius’s plan to determine the root of Hamlet’s madness Allow Ophelia to talk to him through the issues that are having and have the king and queen listen in on the conversation
Who is also involved in the scheme? Ophelia, King Claudius, and Polonius
Does Claudius believe Polonius He is skeptical and wants more information, will follow through because almost desperate for an answer or reassurance of his madness
How does Queen Gertrude feel about Polonius’s suggestion? Not 100% sure that it is reliable but is willing to see it through, still thinks it is over the timely death and marriage
When Polonius confronts Hamlet, how does Hamlet appear? Mad, crazy
What does Hamlet call Polonius? A fishmonger; in the previous conversation with the king and queen, he said that if he was wrong about Hamlet, he would become and Fisher. Hamlet was listening and wants him to know that he was wrong and that he heard everything and calls him a fishmonger to insult him
What observation does Hamlet make about Polonius? That he is an old man that wishes he was young and acts that he is in his youth still
Explain Hamlet’s state of mind. Is it believable? He is very manipulative; he is easily seen as mad to others but he knows he is only acting
In Polonius’s aside, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in ‘t”, to what is he referring? How does Hamlet respond? Polonius says there is reason behind every intention, that though his motive and plan is mad, there is a good reason he is doing it.
Explain Hamlet’s treatment towards Rose and Guild? He was very happy to see them again and greeted them as old good friends. Later, he uses them to get information about the motives of the King and Queen
How does he speak to them? He uses guilt to persuade them to tell him their reasons for being there; the fact that they were such good friends and that if they really love him they would respect his wishes
Does he see through their purpose? Yes, he questions why they are there very quickly
What does Hamlet say about his condition He is in agony “lost all my mirth” he is mad when he needs to be “I am but a mad north-north west..”
How does Hamlet describe Polonius to Rose and Guild? A baby in diapers, trash, Jephthan
What advantage does Hamlet hope to gain from the players? He is going to have the preform a play similar to the murder of the king to get a rouse out of the King and make Gertrude feel guilty; is planning on adding his own specific lines.
What does Hamlet say about the King and Queen? They are deceived
What does Hamlet tell Polonius about the importance of the players They are the story tellers of past events, they report lives. You have to hope that your words end up on your headstone and not in their mouths because on your stone is the truth, through their imagination is your eternal embarrassment
What was the plot of the “Murder of Gonzago” The murder of and Italian duke by poison
how does Hamlet feel after watching the players? Expressive, upset, and inspired
How does Hamlet alter the original play to fit his purpose? Why? He is going to add his own lines to specifically attack the Queen to make her think about the murder and make her feel guilty and get a rouse out of Claudius.
What support from his soliloquy demonstrate this? “Will have the players play something like my uncle”
How does Hamlet contrast himself with the first player? The actor can conjure up emotions and tears from fiction while he can’t and he is living actual Hell.
Act II closes with “The play’s the thing/ Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King”, What is the significance? He is going to use the players and the play to get a rouse from Claudius and use it to reveal this motives and his true intentions of how he became King.