Hamlet act 1 worksheet (password: Bella)

(#6)What does hamlet mean when he says “the funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables.” This whole revelation isnt about the funeral, its about the wedding. Hamlet believes the wedding came too soon after the funeral
(#7)In Hamlet’s last lines of scene 2, what does he say that indicates he believes something is wrong? His father is armed – he is never armed unless something is wrong
(#8)What is Laertes telling Ophelia when he is talking to her before he leaves town–what advice does he give her regarding Hamlet He is just flirting to get into your pants–he may not have time for you
(#9)When Polonius tells Laertes “this above all to thine own self be true,” what does he mean? Does his advice to Laertes seem sincere Be true to yourself. No, it seems he is trying to set him up
(#10)Find the quote in which Hamlet asks the ghost to tell why he has come back from the dead. What does the ghost do in response Are you a good ghost or bad ghost?ghost motions for him to come with him
(#1)Find an ex. Of foreshadowing that indicates that something is wrong in Denmark -strict schedule of the guards-many cannons being manufactured from abroad-ship builders are working on sundays
(#2)What is the primary purpose of this scene To introduce characters
(#4) in Hamlet’s monologue, he reveals his attitude about his father as a king and husband. What is it? He was an excellent king and he compared him to a god. He was very loving towards his mother.
(#5) find 2 supporting ex. That might indicate Hamlet is bitter w/ his mother for marrying Claudius Pg 18 – “less than a month after my fathers death, even before the tears on her cheeks had dried. She re-married”Pg ? – “oh so quick to jump on the bed of incest”