hamlet act 1 study guide

What had Bernardo seen at a prior watch? He had seen King Hamlet’s ghost.
Why does Marcellus think Horatio should speak to the ghost? Marcellus thinks Horatio should speak to the ghost because he is a scholar and should know the proper way to address a ghost.
What does young Fortinbras want to do? Fortinbras wants to regain the lands his father had lost.
Who do the soldiers/guards want to tell about the ghost? They want to tell Hamlet (King Hamlet’s son).
Where does Claudius send Cornelius and Voltimand? He sends them to Norway to ask the King to keep Fortinbras from going to battle.
What does the King tell Hamlet? He tells Hamlet to stop grieving for his father’s death, and to think of him as his father.
Hamlet is upset for two reasons. What are they? His father has died, and his uncle has married his mother less than two months after his father’s death.
What news does Horatio bring Hamlet? Horatio tells Hamlet about King Hamlet’s ghost.
What does Hamlet decide to do after he hears Horatio’s news? Hamlet decides to go on watch with the guards at midnight to verify Horatio’s news.
What is Laertes’ advice to Ophelia? He warns her to stay away from Hamlet and tells her to protect her virtue.
Polonius gives a lot of advice to Laertes. Which of these statements is not part of that advice? “Keep you in the rear of your affection. Out of the shot and danger of desire.”
At the end of Scene III, Ophelia agrees to obey Polonius’ wish. What will she do? She will stay away from Hamlet and reject his affections.
What did the ghost tell Hamlet? The ghost told Hamlet that King Hamlet was murdered by Claudius, and it asked
Hamlet swears Horatio to two things. What are they? Hamlet asks Horatio not to reveal the events of the evening, and to go along with him (Hamlet) if he pretends to be crazy.