Hamlet act 1 study guide

how does Shakespeare begin the play with an immediate sense of suspense? the guards are seeking of a figure they’ve seen in the night (ghost)
what is probable important exposition is revealed in this scene? the ghost is the late king hamlet
why has Horatio been asked to join the soldiers in the night watch? what has he decided to do? Horatio was a scholar and they wanted him to get the ghost to talk. and he wants to tell hamlet.
how does the reader/ audience know this ghost is not a hallucination? all 4 men could see the ghost
what important exposition is revealed at the beginning of this scene? the return of old hamlet and the conflict with Norway
what evidence of wrong doing or corruption is evident in Claudius’ opening speech? he admits to quick marriage and says while he’s mourning his brother he is also extremely excited for his new marriage.
compare Claudius’ treatment of Laertes with his treatment of hamlet. with Laertes he is friendly and kind, with hamlet he is often condescending
why did hamlet not become king when his father died? Denmark is an elective monarchy (his mother was very quick in marrying her dead husbands brother and he became the new king)
How is Hamlet physically and emotionally conspicuous in the public portion of this scene? he is asked why he is gloomy and he responds extremely cynical and expresses his grief
what is the significance of Claudius denying hamlet permission to return to Wittenberg? to watch over hamlet bc he killed his father
What aspect of Hamlet’s problem seems to bother him the most? hamlets mother was very quick to marry his uncle.
what important metaphor is introduced in hamlets soliloquy that will be developed later in the play? Denmark is and unweeded garden
What aspect of Hamlet’s concept of death/desire for death is revealed in Hamlet’s first soliloquy? he believes that the world is like a garden that not weeded that he doesn’t belong in.
Contrast Claudius’ and Laertes’ reasons for being in Denmark. Claudius was becoming king and Laertes was there for his coronation
explain the reasons that Laertes and polonius give ophelia to convince her not to trust hamlets love. they say he may not have true intentions that he is too young and will change his mind and his love will only last a short amount of time.
What is comical about Polonius? Polonius is a hypocrite, he wants his son to be true to himself but he does not want his family name to be tarnished.
other than the fact of the ghost itself, why is the ghost thought to be evil? he is dressed in full armor and he tells hamlet the secret to how he actually died and that he is the one who needs to seek revenge
Marcellus states, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” What does he mean? there is something wrong with the situation of hamlet following the ghost
in what region of the universe does the ghost reside purgatory
what possible theme is introduced by the ghosts afterlife? death and purgatory
what does the ghost warn hamlet about his mother? why? he says not to blame her and leave her to heaven when he gets vengeance
what does hamlet mean when he says,” the time is out of joint”? it wasn’t his fathers time to die. or we are out of time.