Hamlet Act 1 scenes 3/4/5

Laertes tells Ophelia Hamlet cannot marry Ophelia even if he wants to his will is not his own
Hamlet has responsibility to the state. Image of Denmark as a body with the king as the head He may not… carve for himself, for on his choice depends the safety and health of this whole state
Ophelia only has her reputation/ no other power weigh what loss your honour may sustain
Ophelia tells Laertes not to be hypocritical a puffed and reckless libertine , himself the path of dalliance treads
Polonius tells Ophelia he has heard gossip about her and Hamlet ‘Tis told me he hath very oft of late given private time to you
Polonius is much more demanding of Ophelia that Laertes because she is his property it behoves my daughter
Polonius is patronising to Ophelia green girl / I will teach you / think yourself a baby
Lexical set of marriage being a transaction That you have ta’en these tenders for true pay which are not sterling
Polonius says passions burn out These blazes daughter giving more light than heat… you must not take for a fire
Ophelia agrees to obey polonius – he has complete control of her I shall obey my lord
Tension drains away- they are expecting the ghost but… A flourish of trumpets and two pieces goes off
Trumpets caused by Claudius and he is foolish/ bestial trumpets thus bray out
The King is the head of Denmark but he is not looking after the state well enough heavy-headed
Hamlet’s speech is interrupted by the ghost. Manipulation of tension To his own scandal-
Hamlet invokes heaven to protect him from the ghost- it could be a devil Angels and ministers of grace defend us!
Doubt around the ghost a questionable shape
Questions show Hamlets confusion about the ghost Say why is this? Wherefore? What should we do?
Horatio is worried the ghost is tempting Hamlet to madness which might… draw you into madness
Marcellus takes the ghost as an omen Something is rotten in the state of Denmark
Act 1 scene 5 – important that Hamlet and ghost are alone enter ghost and Hamlet
Fragmented conversation between hamlet and the ghost Stychomythia Ghost: Mark me Hamlet: I will
Ghost creates sense of panic/ there isn’t much time my hour is almost come
Hamlet is destined to hear what the ghost has to say I am bound to hear
Hamlet’s obligation so art thou to revenge when thou shalt hear
Emotional blackmail of Hamlet If thou didst ever thy dear father love
Ghost tells him what Hamlet wants to hear murder most foul
compares claudius to a … The serpent that did sting thy father’s life now wears his crown
King poisoned in the ear- same as lying the whole ear of Denmark
Hamlet expected this O my prophetic soul
Ghost speaks in a similar way to Hamlet that incestuous adulterate beast / the most seeming virtuous queen
Ghost blackmails Hamlet-says if he is human he must revenge this If thou hast nature in thee bear it not
After the ghost’s speech Hamlet’s speech becomes fragmented; questions parenthesis O all you host of heaven, O Earth- What else?… O fie!
Calls Claudius a … Even his appearance is deceptive O villian, villain, smiling damned villain
Hamlet refuses to tell Horatio because he knows how hard it is to keep a secret in Elsinor. Here he isolates himself No you will reveal it
might find it useful to pretend to be mad later on to put an antic disposition on