Hamlet Act 1 Scenes 1-5 Study Guide

Where are Marcellus, Bernardo, and Horatio? Why are they there? How do you know this? S.1 Outside the castle (Elsinore)/ they’re guarding it from Norway/ the book
Who is the most educated of the three? How do you know? S.1 Horatio/ call him scholarly
Summarize what Horatio tells the other two about Denmark and Norway. S.1 King Hamlet took over Norway. Norway wants to take over Denmark.
Who is the “Hamlet” that Horatio is talking about? S.1 Hamlet Senior
Who are the two “Fortinbras” Horatio is talking about? S.1 Fortinbras Jr and his father
What reasons do the three men come up with for the appearance of the Ghost? S.1 Protecting the castle
What does Horatio suggest the three of them do at the end of the scene? S.1 Find Hamlet Jr to tell him his dad is a ghost
What is the setting of the play? S.1 Denmark
What recent events does Claudius talk about at the beginning of the scene? S.2 Marrying his sister in-law and the death of his brother Hamlet Sr.
What does Laertes want? Does he get it? S.2 To go to Paris/ Yes
What is unusual about Hamlet’s appearance? What is the reason for this? S.2 Wearing all black/ his dad died
What does Gertrude ask of Hamlet? S.2 To stay in Denmark
What advice does Claudius give to Hamlet, and what does Claudius say about he feels towards Hamlet? S.2 to suck it up/ calls him a son
In his first soliloquy what desire does Hamlet express? S.2
Of whom is he critical? Why? S.2 His mom/ she didn’t mourn long enough
What do Horatio, Bernardo, and Marcellus tell Hamlet? How does he react? S.2 they saw his dad’s ghost/ wants to see him
Who is Ophelia? S.3 Polonius daughter and Laertus sister
Summarize the advice Laertus offers Ophelia concerning Hamlet? How does Ophelia react? S.3 don’t pay attention to him he’s no good/ she doesn’t listen
What advice does Polonius give Laertus? S.3 be mindful of money, opinions, and his voice
What does Polonius say about Hamlet? S.3 Hamlets words are like a flashy pimp
What does Polonius tell Ophelia to do concerning Hamlet? How does she react? S.3 Forget about Hamlet, stop having 1 on 1 time with him/ listens to him
In what way is Polonius’ relationship with Laertus different from his relationship with Ophelia? S.3 Polonius is more controlling with Ophelia the with Laertus
What is the Danish custom that Hamlet, Horatio, and Marcellus discuss at the beginning of the scene? S.4 Make it known to the country the king is drinking
What happens when the ghost appears? How does the scene end? S.4 Wants Hamlet to follow him/ Hamlet tells Horatio and Marcellus not to tell anybody what they saw
Who does the ghost tell Hamlet he is? S.5 His father
What does the ghost tell Hamlet of his existence is now like? S.5 In purgatory
What does the ghost tell Hamlet about his death? How did he die? What were the consequences of his death? S.5 Claudius killed him/ Poison in his ear/ Gertrude married Claudius who is now king.
Why is the ghost opposed to being in heaven? S.5 he wants revenge and won’t go until he gets revenge
What does the ghost ask Hamlet to do and not to do? S.5 Avenge his death, to not tell anyone who killed him
What does Hamlet tell Horatio and Marcellus he is going to do? S.5 fix it all