How is distance between the dead and living worlds shown within the scene? (Hamlet’s scepticism). “Wither wilt thou lead me? Speak, I’ll go no further…”
How is the strength of Hamlet’s bond to his father shown through a sense of physicality and desperation for remembrance? “mark me”
Which quote demonstrates the Ghost providing Hamlet with spiritual escapism from the ‘Prison’ of Elsinore by providing him with a purpose? “…I with wings as swift As meditation… May sweep to my revenge.”
How does the Ghost continue the motif of the Garden of Eden/ inevitable downfall? “The serpent that did sting thy father’s lifeNow wears his crown.”
How does the Ghost compare Gertrude to Eve? “seduce… my most seeming virtuous queen.”
How does the Ghost most obviously allude to the Fall? “O Hamlet, what a falling off was there…”
How does the Ghost indicate the possible morality of Gertrude, defeated by her own corruption? (imagery of a Rose). “…those thorns that in her bosom lodge…”
Which quote details the circumstances of the Ghosts murder, also acting as a euphemism for deception? “…in the porches of my ears did pour the leperous distilment…”
How does Hamlet demonstrate his anger with Gertrude over Claudius, because of the certainty of her betrayal? “O most pernicious woman… smiling damned villain.”
Which quote demonstrates a contrast from the previous exchanges and thus Hamlet’s internal conflict and thus possible corruption? “O cursed spite, That I was ever born to set it right…”
Which quote demonstrates Horatio’s attachment to reality and not to the realm of appearance? “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”