Hamlet – Act 1: Scene 3

Ophelia’s relationships Polonius’ daughter, Laertes’ younger sister, and Hamlet’s WOMAN
What is Laertes’ advice to Ophelia? He warns her to stay away from Hamlet and tells her to protect her virtue.
What reasons did Laertes give for Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet She could get pregnant, she could get STDs, no one would marry her, she’ll lose her reputation, and Laertes doesn’t want to care for her for the rest of his life)
What is Polonius’ advice to Laertes? He tells Laertes to think before he speaks, not pretend to be someone he’s not, be friendly but not to cross the line, beware of getting into a fight (make sure it’s a good reason), listen and not run his mouth, try not to judge, wear nice clothes but not over the top, and not to borrow nor lend money
What does it mean to be a fool Your wife has cheated on you, your daughter is pregnant, or (when Polonius said it) a grandpa
What is Polonius’ advice to Ophelia? Stay away from Hamlet because he does not truly love you