Hamlet- Act 1 Scene 2

How are Claudius, the dead King Hamlet, and Queen Gertrude related? Claudius is the brother of KIng Hamlet, brother-in-law to the queen and Prince Hamlet’s uncle.
What is in the letter Claudius is sending to the ailing kind of Norway? A seize fire
Who is Laertes? Why does he want to leave Denmark? He is the son of Polonius (Lord Chamberlain/ counselor to the King) and the brother of Ophelia. He only came for the crowning
Why is young Hamlet grieving? How do Claudius and Gertrude treat his grief? He is grieving over his father’s death and his mother’s quick marriage to Claudius. They tell him his grief is inappropriate and unmanly.
Why is the King planning a celebration? he is marrying Gertude.
Who is Heratio? Hamlets friend from the University in Wittenberg.
What does Heratio tell Hamlet when he arrives? He saw his father as a ghost