Hamlet Act 1 Scene 2

The first speech of Claudius is unrealistic. Why? He married the Queen right after the death of the King and no one is objecting or questioning
What is the purpose of the speech? Inform the public and to thank them for their support, address dead king, talk about marriage
Who is Laertes and what request does he make? The son of the King’s right hand, he asks to go to France to continue his studies (fencing)
Find the quote where Hamlet describes Claudius in and aside “a little more than kin and less than kind”
What does Claudius say to Hamlet “Why do the clouds hand on you”; “My cousin and my son,” implying he is now officially taken over as the father figure
What does Gertrude say to her son? “All that lives must die… Cast thy nighted color must die”
Explain Hamlet’s lines: “I am too much in the sun (son)” He is being sarcastic about being overly happy
How does Hamlet answer the reasoning of his mother and uncle? “seems,” he is! Will obey mother only though
What idea do we get of Hamlet’s mental and emotional condition at the beginning of the drama? Very depressed from the death, bitter
From where has Horatio come? School in Wittenberg
What is Hamlet’s response to Horatio’s statement that he comes to Elsinore to the funeral of Hamlet’s father? To see wedding, Used food @ funeral reference to show quickness
What does this say about Hamlet? Still upset, snarky
How does Hamlet describe his father? A good man, good king but is mortal
What does Hamlet decide to do? Go to the platform during witching hour
How does scene ii end? Heroic couplet
Hamlet says “O, that this too too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve itself into dew!” What does he mean? He wishes everything would disappear
What does Hamlet say about foul deeds, if there are such He thinks there is trouble coming, but he won’t do anything till he has proof