Hamlet Act 1 Scene 2

Claudius Who has assumed the throne since King Hamlet died?
Gertrude Who is the queen?
Cornelius and Voltemand Who does the King send with a royal dispatch/letter?
King of Norway (Fortinbras uncle) To whom is the letter sent?
stop advancing What is contained in the letter?
Laertes Who is the young nobleman that has requested an audience with the king?
France To where is he bound?
Polonius Who is the young man’s father?
he still wears black Why does Claudius think Hamlet is still grief stricken?
Why the clouds still hang upon him What does Queen Gertrude ask Hamlet?
inner sorrow is so great that his dour appearance is merely a poor mirror of it What is Hamlet’s reply?
all fathers die What does Claudius tell him?
Wittenberg for school To where is Hamlet bound? Why?
to stay with them What do both Claudius and Gertrude beg of Hamlet?
wedding What celebration is going on?
2 months How long has it been since the death of King Hamlet?
Horatio Who interrupted Hamlet’s soliloquy?
to tell Hamlet about the ghost What do they want?
if they spoke to the ghost What does Hamlet ask them?
to keep watch with them for his father’s ghost What does Hamlet agree to do?