hamlet act 1 review

2. In scene 1, lines 80-107, what does Horatio say about Prince Fortinbras of Norway? He is planning an attack on Denmark. He creates his own army.
3. In scene 2, lines 14-16, for what does Claudius express “thanks” ? Claudius tells all the upper class people thank you for approving him as king, and his marriage to Gertrude.
4. In Hamlet’s first soliloquy (scene 2, lines 129-159), how does he criticize his mother (be specific)? He criticizes her because she remarried too quickly. She had seemed to be very devoted to Old Hamlet, but her allegiance quickly changed after he died, and she married Claudius.
5. In scene 3, lines 5-24, according to Laertes, why should Ophelia NOT take Hamlet seriously? Because the love can’t be real; He is royalty and she is not, so they couldn’t get married anyways. Prince’s were supposed to marry other royal people. He is kind of harsh about it, and he tells her to guard her virtue.
6. In scene 3, lines 46-51, explain specifically what Ophelia says to Laertes about hypocrisy. She tells him not to be a hypocrite; he is telling her to stay home and be good while he is off exploring the world and doing whatever he wants to do.
10. In scene 5, lines 81-88, what does the ghost say to Hamlet about Gertrude? The ghost tells Hamlet to avenge his murder, not to punish his mother, to leave her to her guilty conscience.
At the end of scene 5, what does Hamlet ask (or perhaps demand) of Horatio and the guards, over and over? They swear not to tell anybody anything about what they know about him.