Hamlet Act 1 questions

what have Barnardo and Marcellus seen twice before during their watch? Seen the ghost of king hamlet
Why does Marcellus ask Horatio to join in the watch? Wanted him to see the ghost for himself
What has young Fortinbras of Norway recently done? Creating an army to get his land back
Why are the people of Denmark preparing for war? Preparing for war because Young Fortinbra wants his land back
According to Horatio, what happened in Rome shortly before Julius Caesar was assassinated? Unnatural events occured
What possible explanation occurs to Barnardo for the appearance of the ghost at this time? Barnardo believes something will happen to the land; that its the countries fate
Who has recently died? What has this person’s widow done? K.H has died. His wife married K.H’s brother Claudius
How does Hamlet feel about these events? how do you know? He is extremley sad and disgusted. He has been dressing in black, sighing, and crying, he wants to die
What requests do Claudius and Gertrude make of Hamlet? Claudius and Gertrude ask Hamlet not to go too school and leave
Does Hamlet intend to honor these requests? Why, or why not? He decides to stay because his mother asked him to stay
What advice does Laertes give to his sister Ophelia before departing for France? Telling her that her relationship with Hamlet is temporary
What view of Hamlet, or perhaps of young mean generally, does Laertes’s advice imply? Implys that women can not lose their virginity and mess around, but for guys it ok
Why does Polonius detain his son shortly after chiding him for not already being aboard the ship? giving his son advice
What sort of man is Polonius? a man that will do anything for royalty; not a good father
What does Polonius tell his daughter that she must do, and why? Break up with Hamlet because he is worried about her virginity
Is Polonius right to require his daughter to do this? In this era it was correct
What does the ghost reveal to Hamlet? What does it ask Hamlet to do? Reveals that Claudius killed him. He ask for him to get revenge and kill Claudius
Why does Hamlet decide to put on an “antic disposition,” or pretend to be insane? Hamlet decides to act insane because people don’t care what a crazy person does
What unnatural events have occured recently in Denmark? What does Hamlet vow to set right? What factors in Hamlet’s character lead to this decision? Unnatural events- marriage with Gertrude & Claudius, murder of K.HHe vows to kill Claudius He is loyal to his father, the ghost tells him the true reason for his death, and he is angry