Hamlet Act 1-3 Vocabulary

Define Assuage (N) To calm or soothe or lessen the affects of something
Define Verbose (Adj) The person that talks a lot and is pretentious and thinks everything they say is important
Define Obsequious (Adj) Servile
Define Quintessence (N) The perfect example (of something)
Define Clemency (N) Mercy
Quintessence Synonym & Antonym Epitome & Atypical
Clemency Synonym & Antonym Leniency & Ruthlessness
Assuage Synonym & Antonym Soothe & Aggravate
Verbose Synonym & Antonym Talkative & Concise
Obsequious Synonym & Antonym Servile & Domineering
Define Affront (V) To speak or treat rudely
Define Insolence (N) A disrespectful act
Define Pith (N) The essential or core part of something
Define Obstinate (Adj) Stubborn unwilling to change or give in
Define Prodigal (Adj) Extremely wasteful
Affront Synonym & Antonym Insult & Compliment
Insolence Synonym & Antonym Disrespect & Respect
Pith Synonym & Antonym Core & Periphery
Obstinate Synonym & Antonym Stubborn & Compliant
Prodigal Synonym & Antonym Wasteful & Thrifty
Define Hallowed (Adj) Sacred and respected (almost with a religious connotation)
Define Pernicious (Adj) Gradually harmful
Define Conjecture (N) Assumption, opinion or claim made without having all of the details
Define Avouch (V) To affirm that something is true
Define Impetuous (Adj) Doing without thinking
Hallowed Synonym & Antonym Sacred & Profane
Pernicious Synonym & Antonym Insidious & Beneficial
Conjecture Synonym & Antonym Assumption & Fact
Avouch Synonym & Antonym Affirm & Deny
Impetuous Synonym & Antonym Impulsive & Cautious