Hamlet Act 1

Where does the play take place? Garden’s platform outside Elsinore castle in denmark
Why is the army of Denmark mobilized? To fight against Norway. Young fortinbras sent messages saying he’ll attack.
Who do the men think they have seen and who is it? The men think they’ve seen the ghost of the recently deceased King Hamlet in the castle. Theythink it is him because he’s wearing armor you were a battle
Who is fortinbras? Young prince of norway
How does fortinbras situation mirror hamlet’s? Bc he seeks to reconquer those forfeited lands and his father also died and he didn’t get the throne just like him but didn’t
why has horatio been called to talk to the ghost? Because he is a scholar and hamlet’s right hand
What is the moist star? The moon
What are the two reasons the ghost does not stay around to talk with Horatio? 1. The cock crows and dawn comes. 2. Afraid they were disrespectful to the kings ghost
Explain what Cosmic disorder is and give some examples of it that are mentioned in the play? When the solar system doesn’t align. One of the results is King Hamlet’s ghost.
Explain what “divine rights of kings” means and why this upsets hamlet Divine right of kings is when the king is chosen by God. This upsets him because he was next in line for throne not his uncle
Why is hamlet so upset at the beginning of the play? Because hamlets father died and he’s mourning the death but Claudius said he isn’t behaving like a man and his uncle and mother are getting married
What are the two pieces of news Claudius “drops”on assembled audience in Act I, scene two? 1. Young fortinbras once land back from Denmark2. He mourns the death of his brother but chooses to marry Gertrude which is his brothers widow
To what does Claudius attribute Norway’s hostility? Grief to the land his father lost
Why does he think Norway chooses the president time to show their hostility? Because of the loss of King Hamlet they see Denmark as vulnerable
What favor does Laertes ask of the king? He wants to go back to france
Why is Claudius upset with hamlet in this act? Because he is still mourning his dad’s death he wants him to move on and act like a man
What advice does Claudius give hamlet about his father? He says all fathers die and all sons must loose their father so he has to except it and move on
In hamlets first soliloquy (“o that this too too solid flash would melt”) what is hamlet considering and why doesn’t he do it? He is considering committing suicide but he does not do it because it is a sin
What news do Horatio, Marcellus, and Bernardo bring to Hamlet? They tell hamlet that they have seen what appears to be his father’s ghost
What does cap- a – pi mean? From head to foot
What advice does Laertes give to his sister Ophelia? He cautions Ophelia against falling in love with hamlet because it won’t last forever bc even if he loves you, he might be told who to marry
What advice does Ophelia give Laertes? She tells him to practice the voice he gives out
What advice does polonium give to his son Laertes? He gives him a great deal of advice about how to behave with integrity and practicality
What does Ophelia agreed to at the end of scene three She pledges to not associate with Hamlet and to not be deceived by him and his false vows and affection
How is hamlet criticizing Claudius behavior and his speech to Horatio? He’s criticizing the fact that he is publicly drunk
How are the other nations reacting to hamlets uncle’s weakness? Other see as the nations weakness
Horatio is afraid horrible things will happen to hamlet if he goes away with the ghost. what things in particular is he afraid of? Somethings he is afraid of is hamlet being brought to the cliff and ending up in the bumpY Sea, dead
When the ghost speaks to Hamlet, what does he reveal about his own death? He reveals that he was murdered while sleep in the garden. Claudias his brother poured poison in his ear. (skin begins to crust up like leprosy, his blood started curtling, eyes began to bulge out)
How did Claudius add insult to injury after the murder of King Hamlet? By marrying Gertrude which is his brothers wife (widow)
What does Hamlet have everyone promised to do? He has everyone promise to not reveal what they have seen. They all swear on the sword. -sword can mean a cross-