hamlet act 1 2 & 3 quiz

who said “frailty my name is a woman?” and who is he talking to hamlet gertrude
what does the ghost of king hamlet say to hamlet claudius killed him by putting poison in his ear
what does leave her to heaven mean leave her to God’s judgement
what do polonius and laertes warn ophelia about hamlet is not to be trusted and she needs to guard her purity
polonius sends ronaldo to paris, what does he want him to do and why he wants ronaldo to spread rumors about laertes to see what is wrong with him
who are rosencrantz and guildenstern old friends of hamlet that are brought in by the king and queen to find out what is going on with hamlet
what do rosencrantz and guildenstern tell hamlet why they are there they want to be friends and be with him
who says “but i am the pigeon-livered, and lack gall/ to make oppression bitter, or see the region kites/ with this slaves offal.” and why hamlet
what led ophelia to believe hamlet was crazy when they were together he didn’t really say anything and then left
what are the actors speeches about in act 2 hamlet hired actors to portray his father’s death to see how claudius would react
in the play who is the king priam
in the play who kills the king pyrhus
who goes crazy in agony when pyrhus kills priam the queen priam
hamlet says “the plays the king/wherin ill catch the conscious of a king” why he found that when people watch plays that stir up emotion, you can see it on someones face. he wants to prove that claudius killed hamlet by the look on his face
what is the name of the play Murder of Gonzaga
in act 3, hamlet says, “give me that man that is not passions slave and i will wear him in my heart’s core” who is he speaking to and why horatio because he wants horatio to determine claudius’ guilt
who does horatio represent hamlet’s alter ego
who is killed in act 3 polonius
what does the theme unfolding represent hamet unfolding and not living in the shadow of his father he is constantly being pulled in the other direction of where he wants to go (write plays, go to college, be with friends etc)
what does the ghost of king hamlet represent the catholic church
why does the ghost of king hamlet represent the catholic church you cannot kill the church by killing a person, the church is not a building, it is all the people in the church. no matter how many people they kill, the church will remain.
by the end of act three, hamlet reveals that he is “mad in craft”. what does this mean that he is making it up. “playing crazy”
who does hamlet reveal that he is “mad in craft to?” horatiogertrudepoloniusrosencrantz guildenstern
“in second husband let me be accurst./ none wed the second, but who killed the first?” who said this the player queen